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How Blockchain Empowers the Value of Gaming

One of the most criticized aspects of the gaming industry is that the game property owned by players and the rules of the game are highly controlled by the game publishers, and the equipment may be significantly devalued at the first official notice of the hard-earned equipment in the game.

The founder of ETH, v-God, spent his early years addicted to the online game World of Warcraft, playing as a warlock skilled in demonic spells, accompanied by his demonic entourage, all the way from the classic Old World to Wrath of the Lich King. During this time, Vitalik's father talked to him about Bitcoin, but apparently the latter didn't bring up any interest in it.

But because Blizzard removed the Warlock skill "Life Siphon" in patch 3.10, and changed it to a talent.

"At that point I really thought that nothing could be more fun than World of Warcraft, until the day Blizzard removed my favorite skill."

In response, Vitalik had protested on the official Blizzard forums, but did not reap any official response. He realized the drawbacks of "centralized management" of MMOs - the game is owned by Blizzard, who can change the content of the game at will without asking the players' opinions. Vitalik angrily deleted the World of Warcraft client, deciding to give up on the game, despite having spent three years on his warlock.

The world's largest game distribution platform steam has a large number of high-quality game masterpieces, including this year's most popular end game "chicken" "Jedi survival" is from this platform. The biggest highlight of "Jedi Survival" when it first went live was the ability to get free in-game collectible trinkets and the ability to circulate them among players, which is a departure from the current blockchain ICO project, but the crux of the matter is that an announcement by the game's publishing company, Blue Hole, banned the free circulation of trinkets between individual transactions.

The outright brutal shutdown of the personal trading feature is still something that many people didn't expect, and today many players and merchants have all their items on third-party sites locked up and can't take them out or sell them.

The publisher's dictatorial policy has hit a large number of trinket hoarders hard, but regular players have also lost out significantly.

Using blockchain technology might circumvent this problem, and the decentralized nature could even allow access to game value to circulate.

Cryptokitties (crypto cats) was the first phenomenal DApp based on the ETH platform and the longest-lived gaming DApp to date, setting a single-day record of 14,000+ daily active addresses (2017-12-09) and at one point causing an Ether trading jam.

From a traditional gamer's point of view, this is not really a game, but simply a novelty brought about by the "transactional properties" and "unique private nature of assets" of the blockchain. It is also the first blockchain game with a high degree of overall "completion" from game mechanics to UI design, while other small game DApps of the same period are basically in the prototype or demo stage.

Despite the lack of game content, the milestone of CryptoCat is that it proves to everyone that token issuance is not the only application on Ether, there is a much bigger imagination and scenario to play and create. For the game itself, CryptoCat enables the circulation and transmission of in-game value for the first time.

The nature of the game

Modern gaming vehicles and technologies have gone through decades, but the essence of gaming has always remained the same, and for players it's all about two words: fun.

A game isn't fun, and that players won't buy into it, let alone the community consensus and the value of the game's assets. There will still be many voices will say that the blockchain infrastructure is too poor to make fun games, I beg to differ on this point, there were fun games in the era of 2G mobile phone network, there were fun games in the era of Win95, amateur fun games in the era of GameBoy handheld, and even many of them put into the present, we still play with pleasure. The fun is in the soul of the game, not yet in the shell packaging.

Blockchain technology does not change the nature of the game, but should be used in the game such as blockchain decentralization, peer-to-peer transmission and other technologies, so that the game is no longer the sole word of the publisher, the game value can be circulated, further empowering the game ecology.

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