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How can I prevent my computer from becoming a broiler?

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As more and more people start to access the Internet, due to the negligence of some Internet users in the process of surfing the Internet, resulting in their computers being implanted with Trojan horses by hackers, becoming "broilers" in their hands and at the mercy of others.

A broiler is a machine that has been hacked and implanted with a Trojan virus. Because it has been implanted with a virus, hackers can manipulate it and do anything they want with it, which means that the manipulator can remotely control the "broiler", i.e. the compromised machine or even have administrator rights to the compromised machine.

When the machine becomes a broiler, the intruder can steal personal information, the owner's virtual property such as Q-bucks and game accounts, and possibly even real property such as the password to one's Internet banking account.

Therefore, in order to avoid becoming a meat chicken in the hands of others and being slaughtered, the following points should be noted.

1. Delete unnecessary agreements

   For servers and hosts, it is usually sufficient to install only the TCP/IP protocol. Right click on "Network Neighborhood" and select "Properties", then right click on "Local Connections" and select "Properties" to uninstall the unnecessary protocols. NETBIOS, which is the source of many security flaws, can also be turned off for hosts that do not need to provide file and print sharing, and NETBIOS, which is bound to the TCP/IP protocol, to avoid attacks against NETBIOS. Select "TCP/IP Protocol/Properties/Advanced", enter the "Advanced TCP/IP Settings" dialog box, select the "WINS" tab, check the "Disable NETBIOS on TCP/IP" item, and turn off NETBIOS.

2.Turn off "File and Print Sharing"

   File and print sharing should be a very useful feature, but it's also a good security hole for hacking when you don't need it. So in case there is no need for File and Print Sharing, we can turn it off. Right-click the "Network Neighborhood", select "Properties", and then click the "File and Print Sharing" button, the pop-up "File and Print Sharing" dialog box in the two check boxes to remove the hooks.

   Although File and Print Sharing is turned off, it is not secure and you have to modify the registry to prevent others from changing File and Print Sharing. Open the Registry Editor, select the "HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesNetWork" primary key, create a new DWORD type key under the primary key, the key value is named "NoFileSharingControl", the key value is set to "1" to prohibit this function, so as to prohibit changes to the "File and Print Sharing" purpose; the key value is "0" to allow this function. In this way, the File and Print Sharing in the Properties dialog box of Network Neighborhood no longer exists.

3.Disable the Guest account

   There are many intrusions that are made through this account to further gain administrator passwords or privileges. If you don't want to give your computer to someone else as a toy, it's better to ban it. Open the Control Panel, double-click Users and Passwords, click the Advanced tab, and then click the Advanced button to bring up the Local Users and Groups window. Right-click on your Guest account, select Properties, and check "Account is deactivated" on the General page. Also, renaming the Administrator account will prevent hackers from knowing your administrator account, which will go a long way in keeping your computer safe.

4.Prohibit the establishment of empty connections

  By default, any user can connect to the server via an empty connection, enumerate the account and guess the password. Therefore, we must prohibit the creation of empty connections.

   Open the registry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetControlLSA", the DWORD value "RestrictAnonymous" key value to "1" can be.

   Finally, I suggest you patch your system, those endless Microsoft patches are still very useful!

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