How can you drive properly with a 49-inch display in your car?

The Chinese people are crazy about the pursuit of "big". The car should be bought in an extended version, and even the display in the car configuration is as big as possible. Like many current models come with a large 8 or 9-inch center screen, which in this writer's opinion is more than enough. It's good for everyday in-car operations and also looks quite atmospheric, but there are still many car companies that make their displays bigger and bigger.

Like the previous Tesla Model S, it has a 17-inch full-touch center screen, and at the recently concluded Beijing Auto Show, the Byton Concept attracted attention with a 49-inch multifunctional display that is 125cm long and 25cm high.

In addition to Byton, of course, there's a brand called KANGDAI, whose upcoming all-electric sedan, due for production next year, also comes with a big, 131cm-long smart screen.

I have to say that these car companies really will be the display to the extreme, a large display will be the entire center of the pavement, at first glance really full of technology; but let's think about it calmly, so ahead of the big screen center control there are many problems.

security issue

For the driver and passengers, safety naturally comes first. Having an oversized center screen in the car is obviously a treat if the owner can be freed up when driverless technology is mature. But at this stage, a large display like this is really very distracting to the driver while driving.

In addition, I'm sure there are many owners who are concerned about this issue; in the event of a car accident, will a shattered screen cause injury to the occupants of the car? This is not really something to worry too much about, it's just that a broken screen like this can be tough to fix. And this car also has a display placed in the middle of the steering wheel, where the airbags would have been placed. This has led many to question, where did that airbag run off to?

Reflective issues

Like anti-glare mirrors, they are designed to avoid reflections that can affect the driver. And just about any regular screen will have reflections, let alone such a large one. Of course the officials have taken this into consideration and this center screen comes in white, black and blue background colors and says that it provides the right display in all lighting conditions without affecting the driving. However, with the removal of all physical buttons, it's still a bit tricky to set up, and it takes a few seconds to set the night mode.

In addition to the above mentioned issues such as reflectivity and safety, the HMI actually suffers from the same issues such as fiddly operation. And it is understood that the production Byton car will be officially delivered to consumers in 2020, and officials say that 85 percent of the concept's design will be retained. The above-mentioned KANGDAI's first pure electric sedan will even be in mass production next year. I believe that the problems mentioned by the author above regarding the oversized screen will be solved to some extent by that time. Still a bit too far ahead of its time in this author's opinion, though. And as for whether we'll see the mega screen in a production car, there's no word on a production car.

In summary: First of all, I have to admire these car companies for being very ahead of the curve in terms of design concepts, but designs like this one are really a bit beyond our imagination. Although it is said to bring a full sense of technology and futuristic, it is not very helpful for our daily driving at this stage. If it's in the future, when driverlessness is fully mature, such a design will really add a few fun moments in our cars. But at this stage, a big screen like this in a car can't help but feel a bit gimmicky.

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