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How can you improve user retention in your applet? Use it up and leave it, and come back when you're gone

As the small program ecosystem becomes more and more mature and covers a wider and wider area, small program user habits have gradually formed.

There is no doubt about the ability of small programs to attract new users, especially the special property of "use it and go" is very popular among users.

"Use it up and leave it"?

How do you get him to leave and come back?

How do you make him decide that this is the only place he'll come from now on?


These questions, are there answers?

For businesses, it's a little disconcerting if users "leave and never come back", i.e., if the app can't be used repeatedly by users. It's all about the retention ability of the applet, so how can you effectively increase the retention rate of the applet?

WeChat officials obviously also pay attention to this problem, and have been upgrading and opening up permissions to improve retention rates, enhance user experience, and speed up traffic realisation. For example, in the new version of WeChat, the "My Apps" portal has been added to the WeChat drop-down box, and everyone can save up to 50 apps in "My Apps". This feature improves retention to a certain extent, makes it easier to reach C-end users, and can significantly increase retention and activity of the applet.

However, in addition to relying on official upgrades to improve retention rates, merchants also need to put more effort into active operations, starting with the following aspects of the layout to actively reach users and improve user retention rates.

Make full use of WeChat social features to increase conversion rates

microsoft group It is a very important presence in the WeChat system and a very convenient way to spread small programs. The applet can be shared directly to the WeChat group, and the applet will appear in the chat applet as soon as the user has sent it in the WeChat group. In this way. All users in the group will be able to learn about the merchant's activities more quickly and also increase the conversion rate of users through sharing and stimulation by their friends. Affiliated publics provide quality content

Small programs under the same subject can be interlinked with public numbers, and the advantages of both can naturally complement each other. Very useful applets can deliver a very good user experience that Combine that with the quality content of the public site to attract followers that The ability to drive more traffic to the applet and not damage fan loyalty. The traffic between the two is connected to each other, and users can directly enter the app without jumping out of the public page, and the two ends share user data, which can realize the connection from attracting traffic to realizing cash.

Increase the user experience of the applet

Small programs, we must start from "small and precise", do not do a variety of content, reduce the interference of other content to the user, but this also has a higher requirement for the quality of content.

First, there has to be a focus that Each page must have a focus that Allow users to catch the core message in the shortest possible time. secondly The operation process is simple and clear It increases the user experience and makes it easier to achieve user retention and conversion.

Reasonable use of template messages

When a user places a successful order or makes a successful payment within the applet, they will receive a template message from the applet. In addition, users will also be notified of template messages if the applet scramble and bargain hunting activities that merchants participate in are successful.

Template messaging is also a means of establishing a connection between the applet and the user Each template message is presented as a card, including information such as the applet's logo, name, notification time, and notification content. Users can go directly to the applet interface with just a click, and the template messages are all visible to users when they appear, and the click-through rate is high, which also helps with user retention.

Use marketing campaigns to increase user repurchase rates

From the user's consumer psychology to see the problem, each time a good shopping experience can definitely significantly improve the user's retention and repurchase rate of the. So, there are many merchants who will pass Coupons, social riser money Marketing activities such as this are used to bring customers closer together and achieve user accumulation and retention.

For example, McDonald's uses points redemption to increase user stickiness. The McDonald's applet itself has a branding advantage and is naturally one of the more highly used restaurant apps on the market.

The McDonald's applet not only makes use of its own points mall to bring users numerous benefits through a points coupon campaign, thus promoting user sign-ups. And McDonald's also held online events to leverage WeChat's stronger social attributes for social gift cards designed to stimulate users' desire to buy.

Solidify user habits with check-in gameplay

The applet check-in feature play allows users to check-in on your applet for 7, 21, 40 days, etc. in a row and will receive different prize benefits. With the check-in activity, your users will gradually form the habit of opening the app and looking at it every day. If, however, your app experience is good, your user retention rate will skyrocket, gradually creating a stable customer base.

Building a sense of brand

Even the smallest business has to have its own brand . Only if you have your own brand, then you will have an advantage in the competition later on, so don't always think that only well-known brands need a sense of branding.

Focus on data analysis for small programs

For data analysis of small programs, WeChat officially provides "Applet Data AssistantThrough this we can view data such as the number of times the applet has been opened, the number of page views, the number of visitors, etc.

If we can string these behaviors of users together and put them into different dimensions for analysis and comparison, we can get a clear picture of their daily operating habits and preferences. Then, adapt the strategies of different applets to different customer groups to achieve better user retention and conversion efficiency.

In short, it is inevitable that small programs will improve user retention based on their strong ability to acquire traffic. Only then can merchants effectively drive traffic and eventually turn it into cash.

As a tool, the applet is in a bonus period with unlimited business opportunities. In the future offline scenario, small programs will bring more profit opportunities for merchants, and merchants will definitely attract more users with the constantly updated features of small programs.

Still the same. Even the best tools need to be operated with care, if you just leave it alone you will not be able to achieve the desired results.

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