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How do we choose a good project to start in 2018?

Let's cut to the chase and just get to the meat of it.

You can do well in all 360 lines of work. But not every line of work makes the same amount of money.

It is recommended to consider the project from three perspectives

Time Space Cost

Consider them just so we can do better on our own without taking their restrictions! Easier.

First of all, when you get a project, do we have to do it to get revenue, there is no revenue if we don't do it, that's our conventional thinking.

But how to break that routine anymore is to have gains when we do and gains when we don't.

For example, take a Taobao shop, we promote the face of the global user, day and night will be 24 hours a day people shopping, we just need to do a good job of publicity and promotion, so it must be grafted on the wings of the Internet.

How do brick and mortar stores do this anymore, it's hard, unless they can open globally like KFC, McDonalds.

space: how it broke down.

Traditional business, you must have a venue, the venue will have an area limit, the personnel to the field there is a certain number of Beijing you open a restaurant, Shanghai people can not go to Beijing to eat to go!

But an internet product can then transcend space and be bought and sold across the country again.

It doesn't matter when or where you are, you can make money, that's the beauty of the internet, that how you can go beyond the cost.

Cost first a note: this refers to the monetary cost.

In the age of the internet, it's all about what you want, nothing you can't do.

Example: I spend $10,000 to record a set that will allow people to get well, learn it and spread it easily, the offline course is 3 days and 2 nights for $5000. This one I, buy 20 sets offline personally and it pays for itself.

Online, I bought 20 people today, tomorrow I can buy, can let others to spread, 1 year, people pass people, we do a good job of promoting, 1 set of 100 yuan, the value of 5,000 yuan, 100 yuan again online can all learn, promote out 10,000 sets in a year, the cost of a person is 1 yuan, but it is not over, the second year I do a distribution system, promote 20,000 sets, the cost will be less than 1 yuan, at the end of the more people use, the cost of the end of the month, we just have to zu a server.

Example two, the game industry, developing a game and then the cost of using it once more people are using it is the money for renting service gas.

For example, most people are Taobao shopping bar, Taobao in order to promote, directly out of the promotional interface i, we docked well, do a website on OK. All that's left is promotion.

To sum it up: beyond time, space, and cost is not a dream!

Bullish on the industry three ; Paid knowledge, gaming industry, shopping type platforms.

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