How does the Internet drive smart access today?

The access control system, as the name suggests, is a system for controlling entrance and exit routes, and it is based on the traditional door lock. Common access control systems include: password recognition access control systems, card recognition access control systems, biometric access control systems, etc. It is suitable for all kinds of machine departments, such as banks, hotels, machine rooms, armories, machine rooms, office rooms, intelligent communities, factories, etc.   In the rapid development of digital technology network technology today access control technology has been developed rapidly. Access control systems have long gone beyond simple doorway and key management, it has gradually developed into a complete access management system. It plays a huge role in administrative management such as work environment safety and personnel attendance management.

---- access control system

With the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and cloud computing, there is an opportunity for convergence and development in the access control market. Access control manufacturers have continued to innovate in recent years, greatly enriching access control systems. So what's the history? Let's find out.

Biometrics help upgrade access control security

With the continuous development of biometric technology in recent years, the iterative effect of access control systems has been accelerated. The common biometric access control systems today mainly include fingerprint access control systems, iris access control systems, facial recognition access control systems and vein recognition access control, etc. Safety, convenience, comfort and management control have been further enhanced. This biological key cannot be copied, stolen or forgotten due to the irreproducible uniqueness of human characteristics, and is therefore more sought after by the public.

The Internet of Things era has given rise to "cloud access control"

Big data, the popularity of cloud services to further enhance the technology content of access control systems, intelligent access control machines and mobile terminals integration, support remote door opening, to achieve basic access functions, but also be able to swipe the card at the same time to complete the photo or video record personnel access, images automatically uploaded and stored as reliable evidence of unexpected events. In addition, the mobile terminal linkage function can also carry out regional information release and into the quasi-delivery, such as prompting the collection of property fees, reminders of the latest community information, etc., improving efficiency and saving manpower waste, etc.

Multi-discipline integration drives smart access control

Intelligent access control system has been more and more widely used in people's daily lives, with the diversification of people's needs, all aspects of access control system requirements are also increasing, access control system is no longer limited to the function of controlling population access, as a security system . Access control systems and monitoring systems, alarm systems are three of the most important components. In terms of popularity. Surveillance and alarm systems have been in place for a long time. However, monitoring and alarm systems are both passive security systems. That is, hindsight. The mending type. And the access control system is an active defense . Keeps all insecurities out. Thus addressing the root of the problem of security.

AI + Access Control, Deep Learning for a Quality Life

Artificial intelligence is rapidly penetrating every corner of our lives, and with breakthroughs in deep learning algorithms, breakthroughs have been made in intelligent analytics such as target recognition, scene segmentation, and object monitoring. Especially in access control systems, smart access control products are a typical application of artificial intelligence.

Homogenization problem is serious, companies tend to differentiate and customize the development

It is not difficult to find the access control products exhibited by companies at the security expo, the development of access control systems gradually fall into the problem of product homogenization. Differentiation and customization have become one of the directions of business development, and in order to meet the needs of customers in different scenarios, major companies have started to launch customized products and services. From mass access control needs, it has gradually evolved into access control solutions that delve into specific industries.

concluding remarks

Driven by advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data, technological innovation in access control systems has moved into a new phase. In 2018, the domestic access control market will continue to face new technological revolutions and industrial upgrades, the market outlook is positive, and Sijie will grasp the new opportunities, continue to innovate and bring more detailed and attentive services to customers.

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