How many of the Internet's unspoken rules do you know?

unwritten rules"The term, (as opposed to "meta-rules", "explicit rules". It is a rule that is invisible, not explicitly stated, agreed upon, without limitations, but widely agreed upon and actually works, and that people must "follow", which can make up for the shortcomings of the explicit rules, and which should be promoted where it is reasonable and killed where it is not. ) is actually a positive positive phrase. But because of its bad "origins", when it is known to the public, it is often used as a " The subterfuge of the entertainment industry ". So, it leads to a derogatory connotation when people mention subterfuge. So, we're going to use the Internet for it." vindicate”。

Every industry has its corresponding unspoken rules, so what are the unspoken rules, in the internet?



Products in the Internet, Many as the stars in the sky, Unable to count。 In such a massive network, Running a myriad of forms, It has also led to products for the Internet copyright Difficult to measure and control。 Once a product is released, Soon the time will comeN Many similar products compete with it。 The performance of the final product does not necessarily belong to the original creator, Rather, it belongs to the last victor.。

flow rate


Internet traffic is the goal of every product that competes for the profitability of every project. Since it is "core", it is "more contentious". And these flows are not subtractive operations; it can be repeated many times, with circular statistical accounting. So, in some cases, peers become teammates, the same product becomes an alliance, and there is always the possibility of collaborating with each other and merging into one. There are countless mergers and acquisitions that have occurred because of the competition for traffic. The Internet has become a "big fish eating small fish and small fish eating shrimp".



The foundation on which the Internet is built is data, and the vast world of the Internet is built on a system of data. Yet this data is not managed centrally, with a bounty of entrances and a multitude of exits, resulting in data that is both fundamental and of interest. The factual results have proven that in the InternetIt's having the data that gives you the power of speech. Whoever has a large system of data hasleader The qualifications. Only then will there be prospects and hopes for future development. The widespread use and future direction of big data is a stark illustration of this fact.



the Internet with information as the basic form of presentation. The output of information accomplishes profitable conversions. Whether people are passively receiving or actively accessing, they are taking in information and forming the results. Every message delivered is creating a different level of value. The quality of this information, however, is difficult to control; some of it is thought-provoking and motivating, and some of it is tempting and incriminating.



The widespread use of the Internet is known to everyone and is innumerable. It is the product of social development and the result of the times. Because of its "long reach and wide control", it has evolved into a myriad of products. With more products, it is difficult to manage them meticulously, and the handling, replica, and variety of them to meet the different needs of different users become the only criteria.

Among these "unspoken rules", if broken down into categories, I'm afraid no one can do it. But if you want to develop in the Internet in the long term, you have to comply with these "unspoken rules" of existence, with strict discipline, abide by its own concept, strengthen the pattern of self-improvement, do for the "unspoken rules" vindication of the good people.

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