How much can a drop of oil weigh? In Feng Xiaotian's case, this answer is one point five grams

Over, soon Feng Xiaotian could learn no more, since the most obscure and difficult knowledge had been figured out by him, what else did he have to learn? Reading the rest of the book was basically no more difficult, which at one point made Feng Xiaotian feel quite depressed, sometimes, knowing everything is also a pain ah. Such days lasted for more than a month, until he picked up the book "Computer Programming Language and Programming" in the garbage, Feng Xiaotian only found the joy of learning again, the computer was a completely new world for him, which aroused Feng Xiaotian's strong desire to know, he wanted to explore this new world, wanted to understand more things he did not know, so he once again began to study hard.

Perhaps it was providence, or perhaps it was a complete coincidence that Feng Xiaotian actually got a computer ten days ago, which certainly gave him hope, and his mind began to come alive again, thinking about many issues regarding computers, the most crucial of which was artificial intelligence - a problem that seemed a bit unbelievable to foreign computer experts. Artificial intelligence is not something no one has thought about, many people abroad have studied the subject, and certain countries have even hired computer experts to open secret departments to develop this project, but unfortunately, how easy is it to make a machine have a human thought pattern? Since ancient times, the hardest thing to guess is the human heart, and to this day, no one dares to claim that they can read the inner world of others, let alone a computer.

It was a girl in a red cotton jacket, and she wore a very cute cat ear on her head, the furry cat ears protecting the side of her face tightly, making her look very playful and cute. Feng Xiaotian's movements were quite skillful and efficient, after a few minutes, he had harvested half a basket of rotten vegetables - in fact, these vegetables could not be described as rotten, many of them were still fresh, it was only the unattractive appearance that affected the sale that was thrown away by the vendors, sometimes, people tend to judge the goodness of a thing based on the most intuitive impression, although they knew that the thing was not as bad as it looked, they would still choose to give up, this should be considered a bad human nature.

Feng Xiaotian saw her between turning his head, but his eyes only lingered on the girl for a moment, then Feng Xiaotian walked away without looking back, in Feng Xiaotian's opinion, this girl was mostly waiting for someone ...... Or is she waiting for her boyfriend? As the saying goes, "The moon is up and the people are after dusk," but this weather ...... Don't you feel cold standing there? This is the idea in the heart of Feng Xiaotian, he is also not big, so also not quite understand what it is like to fall in love, and even he feels that this is simply a waste of time, there is this kung fu Qingqing me, might as well stay at home to read and study it.

There's something magical about Windy Smiling Sky, He could clearly feel the weight of the item in his hand, For example, the oil used for frying, There's a reason for that, of course., Windy smiled when he studied chemistry in junior high school, It's a subject that requires hands-on experimentation, Feng Xiaotian is always the most accurate in every weighing, Later he felt that most of the time spent on each experiment was wasted on weighing, To save time doing experiments, He then began to try to estimate the weight of the item in his hand, as time passes, He got into the habit of not weighing himself even, The ability to accurately weigh objects in your hand as well。 generally speaking, This error is never more than one percent of the mass of the object itself, How much can a drop of oil weigh? In Feng Xiaotian's case, this answer is one point five grams。

By the way, the scrap collector Old Li's scale had a problem, the scale weighed only 90% of the original weight, that is to say, it was a nine taels scale, Feng Xiaotian already knew this, but even so, he still chose to sell the collected rags to Old Li, because Feng Xiaotian knew all the nearby scrap collectors well, although Old Li's scale was nine taels, but the other scrap collectors were eight taels, compared to the two, or Old Li was more realistic. Feng Xiaotian stir-fried the vegetables and served them on a plate, then poured the panned rice into the pot and added some water before this started to cook the rice - what? You're saying he didn't wash the pot? Ergo ...... This is certainly not because Feng Xiaotian is being lazy, but he feels that any waste is shameful, the wok just after frying still has oil on it, wouldn't it be a shame to wash it off with water? If you cook it directly you'll be able to do it without wasting a drop of oil, and a drop of oil weighs 1.5 grams, that's a lot!

In this era, there was basically no wireless network to speak of in the country, and if there was, there was only one possibility - a wireless network belonging to the military, and the military, as the defender of the country, had priority access in many areas, such as computers and such, and the first to use them must be the military. Feng Xiaotian knew that the computer wanted to connect to the external network, there are only two ways, one is a wired connection, the other is a wireless connection, wired network is still a blank in the country, at present can only consider the wireless network - the problem arises: how to let the computer connect to the wireless network?

Feng Xiaotian had picked up five radios, but they were all broken, but he was happy to study and after his east spelling suit, he actually repaired two of them, and these two radios were also the only household appliances he had at home, and now, Feng Xiaotian set his eyes on these two radios. Since the radio needed batteries to work, for Feng Xiaotian, it was a complete and abject waste, so he rarely used it, except for the beginning when he listened to it for a few days because he thought it was new, after that it was basically left untouched on the table.

Feng Xiaotian knew a lot about radios and knew that radios received signals through electromagnetic waves, and depending on the frequency of the electromagnetic waves, the radio would be able to search for different stations, and the vast majority of wireless signals in the world now also relied on electromagnetic wave transmission, and the computer's wireless network was also based on this principle. Feng Xiaotian carefully mulled it over for a while, then started to do it, his heart was still a bit uncertain, not knowing whether doing so would work or not, but it was the only method he could think of at the moment, and he wouldn't be willing to do it until he tried it.

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