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How should the average consumer choose ear plugs?

There are always a lot of earbud-related questions asked by partners, such as whether the sound quality of earbuds around a hundred dollars is really as unpleasant as the old drivers say, what kind of earbuds should be chosen to be the best, is it really the more expensive the better the sound quality, and so on. In this era where almost everyone is looking for value for money, what kind of earbuds are the best, and today I'll talk to you about them from a consumer's point of view.

First of all, there is one truth to remember: cheap earbuds do not necessarily sound bad, but expensive earbuds do not sound bad. Such a shallow sentence does not require me to expand on it, perhaps you will say that the cost of these earbuds is too much higher than the selling price, but you have to understand that some headphones are sold so expensive and the cost does not have a dime to do with it. All aspects of brand belief, master tuning, and manufacturing process affect the final price of an earbud.

Then, there's another truth to remember: sound quality shouldn't be your first concern when shopping, the experience is. If there is an earbud that has excellent sound quality but is very uncomfortable to wear, do you choose to give up using it or barely settle for it, I think the vast majority of you will choose the former. Really, it's the comfort of the wearer, the smoothness of the operation, the durability of the cable, etc. that is the big prerequisite for good sound quality. We recommend that you go to a place with a physical store to actually experience it before deciding whether to buy it.

Finally, it's not recommended to buy earbuds that are too high-end if you're only going to use the phone as a front end, as there's a chance that the phone won't be able to push it, which is then arguably a waste. Of course, if you're using something like the Vivo Xplay6, which focuses on sound quality, buying slightly better is an option to enhance the experience.

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