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How the complete java system should be learned

As we all know, Java is one of the most popular programming languages, and more and more people are learning Java, many people always feel obscure and difficult to understand when starting Java, which is normal, if it is so easy to learn, Java programming industry wages how to be so high it (snicker snicker), but beginners do not be afraid, there is no difficulty in the world, only fear of people, Java is a computer language, as long as familiar with the knowledge points, master the logic, you can quickly get started, learn to learn through!

How should I learn complete java? I believe we all have different doubts, here is the complete java process that I have summarized for you.

A. Find a Java basic textbook to learn (a combination of textbook and video is recommended for learning).

When learning Java basics, you should insist on more hands-on work, as the saying goes: practice is the only standard for testing the truth! You'll never completely learn until you try your hand at it.

Second, after learning the basics of Java solid, you can use the Java language for simple programming (you can choose to use the simplest editor - Notepad).

III. Web development

The main focus is on learning content related to web development: including HTML/CSS/JS (front-end pages), Servlet/JSP (J2EE), and Mysql (database) related knowledge. Hands-on training (including writing simple pages independently, learning to use development tools and databases) should be completed as needed for the course.

For those who don't know how to study and don't have the relevant study materials can add me to private chat me, can give you a free share

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