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How to become an EOS node candidate? IMEOS hands on with the submission process

In the EOS GO community's newly released "Sixth EOS Candidate Node Report, The total number of candidate nodes worldwide has reached 55 , which does not yet include uncommitted nodes and nodes that are up for election, the huge benefits it could bring have prompted communities with the ability to do so to run for super nodes. In this issue, we'll talk about what criteria and processes all need to be met to become an EOS candidate node.

▲Ranking of submitted candidate nodes

To be a candidate for an EOS node, you first need to meet the following six dimensional criteria.

Part1 - Web links and social media

There are links to public web sites and social media accounts for at least one. All social media links provided by campaigners will be displayed in the node report.

▲Note: As a representative of the public with strong resources, a community can be expected to exist.

Part2 - Improve information

Complete the following ID information to include The name of the official organization of the node campaigner, the location of the corporate headquarters, the expected location of the server, the type (cloud server or bare metal, etc.), a list of at least 67% of the current team members, a photo, and relevant background information. Post these and all to the Steem blockchain (either in the same post or in multiple).

Part 3 - Total overhead and technical options

Posted on the Steem blockchain as of June 3, 2018 the total resource planning overhead and technical options, the quality and accuracy of which will be assessed by the community in a public document. A check mark will be given whenever this aspect of information is provided.

Part4-Hardware Expansion Planning

Posted on the Steem blockchainFor the period after June 3, 2018Hardware expansion planning, which the community will evaluate for quality and accuracy in public documents , just provide a rough outline and you'll get a check mark.

Part5 - Outline of the Open Community Benefits Scheme

Must be available by June 3, 2018 the outline of a public community benefit plan. And put on the STEEM blockchain. Of course, nodal campaigners should be well aware of its importance.

Part6·T Name of elegram& Node Name

List T Name of elegram and the Community Testing Network's Node Name

Once the above 6 criteria have been met, you can happily submit the candidate form (below).

Table source:

Tips: EOS Go is a decentralized, autonomous organization that is not part of and does not run for nodes. The current EOS master node contenders are basically counted and published by EOS Go. They objectively evaluate each marquee node and provide rankings based on publicly available information provided by the candidate nodes. Starting on March 28, EOS Go will provide a weekly report on node candidates. Submissions are required by Tuesday of this week if they wish to be presented in the candidate node report this Thursday.

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