How to choose a reliable IDC provider for data center server hosting?

As a data center service provider, Centron Telecom has been trying to win more customers with a variety of eye-catching products and services and guarantee promises, which have led to the unevenness of the whole industry, and the consumers are the ones who suffer in the end. At present, there are three main types of data center service providers, namely, basic operators, third-party service providers with their own server rooms and third-party service providers renting server rooms, in the end how to choose a reliable data center server hosting IDC service provider?

It is important to have a clear understanding of CCLTIDC Qualifications of Service Providers

1、IDC Service providers must be triple certified(idc certificate,ISP certificate,icp certificate) complete, That's the most basic protection.。 You can go to the Internet to checkIDC Whether the information and qualifications of the service provider are true。

2、 Request a visitIDC Service provider's server room, Check if there are staff shifts for maintenance, regardless of whether7*24 Support or7*10 backing, It's important but not the point., A lot of them are playing with7*24 I'm not sure I can find anyone when I'm looking for them., What we focus on is the comprehensiveness of the service、 Response time of the service、 Speed of problem solving、 Availability of professionalism and attentiveness, The service status of a company reflects the overall image quality of a company。

3, find a few more IDC companies to see, but should not be too much, more then the eyes will be dazzling, the heart will not have a spectrum. The main thing to look for is stability, speed, after sales service and network filing, followed by price.

4、 Find the more responsible onesIDC service provider, How is that responsible?? For example, if their key people take the initiative and invite you to work with them, It's also very quick to deal with problems, Because there isn't one of those.IDC Service providers dare to say that a percentage of their server rooms will not fail。

optionIDC Service providers also have to look at hardware facilities、 Services、 Comparison of three aspects such as service guarantee

1、 Hardware facilities mainly include professional facilities management and network connectivity reliability, The main considerations in the management of professional facilities are the construction of the server room、 area、 Security Monitoring、 Power supply、 Disaster preparedness, etc.。

2、 The main concerns in terms of network connectivity reliability are how much bandwidth is available、 High-speed connectivity to various backbone networks、 Availability of redundant links, etc.。

3, service content, because almost all IDC can provide such as the whole machine rental, server hosting, cabinet rental, room rental, dedicated line access and other basic IDC service content, the key depends on whether you need some specific service requirements.

Accurate grasp of the company's own needs

Before each selection, All to accurately grasp the actual needs of the business itself、 development need, and a clear understanding of the qualifications of the data centre service provider, Only by combining the above two considerations, You will be able to choose a service provider that best suits your needs。

1、 Whether there is enough room for development for its own use

Ensure that data center service providers can provide themselves with enough room to scale, to add more hardware devices over time。 Ideally, Space should be continuous, This makes it easy to connect these devices together。

2. Ensure that the level of service meets its own needs

Determines what level of service each application in the enterprise can get from a hosting provider。 This means, for example, Ensure that regular maintenance checks are carried out, and ensure that these regular maintenance checks are timed to stagger the core working hours of the business。

3、 Don't buy more services than you really need

Data centers will always try to sell their services for their customers, so it's important for business customers to know exactly what they need for themselves. Many business customers overload or buy a lot of services they don't need. When enterprise customers go out to bid in order to choose a data center service provider, those gold-plated services offered by vendors can be very tempting, so it's important to understand their own needs clearly, in addition to their terms.

Ltd. is the first batch in Shaanxi Province and the first specialized IDC service provider in Xi'an with all three certificates (IDC, ICP, ISP). The company currently mainly launches data center cabinet space and bandwidth resources for rent (server hosting, rental), while we provide Xi'an Telecom, Xi'an Unicom, Xi'an Mobile, Xi'an dual-line and many other data center resources and professional server hosting rental solutions.

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