How to co-author an article happily and efficiently?

Introducing a tool to help you be more efficient and less painful when collaborating with your buddies on writing articles.

pain point

From time to time we need to collaborate with others and co-write articles. For example, doing team report assignments assigned by the instructor; completing project summaries with colleagues; graduate students are more likely to be required to co-author papers with their instructors and classmates ......

Co-writing articles is supposed to be enjoyable。 Economically speaking, We each have our own comparative advantage, So it's better to work with someone else than to go it alone。 so-called“1+1>2” modal particle indicating that sth. is obvious。

In reality, however, the process of co-writing an article is always painful.

You wrote some content in word and sent it to each other by email, WeChat or QQ. After receiving it, find time to read, make comments or revisions, and then send the word document back to you.

You read the other person's changes and accept some of them. There were others that you wished to discuss further, so they were sent back with additional annotations and revisions to the original ones.

A few rounds later, you're tossed by this cycle of picking up alerts, checking emails, placing attachments, making changes, passing attachments, reminding each other to check, and waiting for feedback on results. You know it's inefficient to do that. While one person revised, the other actually stayed idle. You can't make further changes and must wait for the other person's comments to be returned or the version will be messed up.

What we listed above is still only collaboration between two people. What if it's 3 people, or 4 people, or 5 people? You probably have a headache just thinking about it, don't you?

It's good to know that new tools always surprise us. I recently found a great tool for co-writing articles. It enhances efficiency and reduces pain. I'm sharing it with you here.


This tool, the phone can install apps, the computer side does not need to download anything. Because it offers a web-based interface, it works when you open your browser.

The first step is to register for an account. You can sign up using your email address, or you can directly select a micro-signal to log in.

I signed up for both separately. Because that's how you can fight left and right and show you how to collaborate on writing an article.

Sign in and let's create a new document.

Click the New button to enter a blank document.

Let's write some words on it.

The user experience is not much different from your usual word. There are tools you can use to adjust text size, title categories, colors, and more.

What are you looking for? Save button? Don't look for it, every move you make will be automatically saved to the cloud.

Click on that clock button and you'll find that all the writing and modification records are kept intact.

See that restore button? Where you are not satisfied with the writing, you can simply and brutally revert to the previous version.

Here we are going to use the features of this online editor—— invitations collaboration -er, Writing with you。


Tap the Collaborate button and the author list appears empty with only you as the manuscript owner at the moment.

Click the Add Collaborator button, as my other account is registered with WeChat. So we choose to add WeChat friends.

Sweep QR code with WeChat. You'll see the following tips.

Just do it. Then friends can see this information.

Once you tap on it, your friend will be able to see this document of yours.

Let's take a look at how to collaborate on writing an article.


When you ask a question, your friend suddenly has a idea. So rewrite the content as "how to stimulate student creativity."

Your side can synchronize See your friend's revision.

You agree with your friend's revision, so click the comment button on the right to make a comment.

Good friends see your comments immediately and can respond instantly.

You two can alternately enter your own ideas. On the left are icons that indicate who made the changes.

The other person can see similar information on the phone.

When you two have different views, use the discussion forum and exchange ideas immediately.

In such a cheerful atmosphere, you have written the document. And then what? How do I share documents with others?


There are 2 ways to communicate your work to others if you want to do so. One is shared and one is exported.

Look at the sharing first.

Click the share button in the top right corner and you can see the following prompt.

When you click Open, you can see the file status change.

You can send the link to other people, and they can click on the link to see the manuscript. If you want more people to be involved in the modification, you can select "writable" as the file permission. I suggest you use that feature with caution, though, or you may have a million keyboard warriors changing your document into a big splash. You can also click the WeChat button and share the article link with WeChat.

Look at the export function again.

This approach is more traditional. Clicking on the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen will prompt many other functions.

Select Export and you will be prompted for several different file formats.

Since most people love word, let's export it as a word document.

Isn't it refreshing to open the exported file?

After the usage is introduced, hurry up and summon your buddies to collaborate on writing together. Happy writing!


In addition to the tools described in this article, what tools do you know to co-write articles? What are their characteristics? Welcome message, share it with you. We exchange discussions together.

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