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How to develop five precise clients a day with Link

After getting the basic information about the target company, we can start looking for the contact information of the key people in charge of the target company.

The steps generally followed to find customer contacts are.

1: Find people: find the main person in charge of this company, the effect of the person in charge: purchasing " CEO, president " marketing, sales staff

2: Find the email:Find the contact information of the person in charge. Email, phone.

3: Guess the mailbox: after a series of operations have not found the main contact contact information, you can try to guess the mailbox

4: Verify mailbox: verify whether the mailbox is real or not

Then, next, start looking for the key principals of the target company.

First of all, the first method: via linkedin

The previous article talked about determining the nature of the company by finding the company linkedin homepage, when looking for company contacts, we likewise find the company main=homepage, the difference is that we go into the company's people to see what to look for

By using the jobs displayed under the people of that company, we can go to our target jobs

Here we find the President and Purchasing Assistant of this company. Done!

Luckily, the main people of this company can be found in linkedin, but if we can't find the main contact in linkedin, we can use the second method below.

Second method: through the manta website (this site is only useful for North American countries)

Enter company name + manta

Find the job posting inside, and here we find the company's President.

Similarly, if you still can't find the main contact in manta, let's move on to the next method. Here's a suggested website that lists the main people positions in the company, so that you can see at a glance the people positions in this company.

We write in the target company and do a search

There are no search results, which means that this company is not searched here, but it does not mean that this method does not work, so let's try another company,


The company's network of people and the company's main characters are shown in a clear view.

If you still can't find the contact by the above method!

Then there's the best way to find the company's principal via Google commands

NWE BRANDS INC CEO OR president OR owner OR founder

perhaps“NWE BRANDS INC”CEO OR president OR owner OR founder

“NWE BRANDS INC” purchasing OR purchase OR buyer

(Be familiar with and use Google search commands wisely, you can save a lot of effort)

All the same, you can find out the key people in charge of the target company.

Okay, once you've found the main people at your target company, here's the focus on getting their contact information out!

The first method, once we have found our main contact inside linkedin

1. We can add them as a friend, pass them and then ask, or add a note when we add them.

2. We'll be able to get their emails directly through some get email plugins

These are the four plugins I use more often, so I'll leave the specific steps out.

second: If we are inmanta perhaps Key contacts known elsewhere, And inlinkedin I can't find this guy in there., in this case, go firstwhois Search inside(

See if the company's registrant is our main contact

If not, again we find the contact details of the main contact at Google by searching for the command. mail Carpet on the client's website search email mail Internet search All possible mailboxes CEO OR president OR owner OR founder mail

search Client company'sCEO/PRESIDENT/OWNER/Founder of the email address ( Non-English speaking markets switched to the target language)

Through these kinds of search command, You can find out the email address of your main contact, But the odds are relatively low, At this point we have to make a slight modification search command, The success rate will be at least50%。 How do you do it??

Open hunter and enter the domain name of the target company

The plugin will find out some emails under this domain (if you are lucky, there is a good chance that you can find out the main contact's email directly, the probability is quite low), so what is the use of finding them when they are not the main contact's email? One might say to use these emails for development and ask them for ways to contact their main contacts, but of course that is one way to think about it, and here is another way to find the main contact details via Google by using the email suffixes of known company employees:.

"email” * Bill Korowitz perhapsmail * Bill Korowitz

Mail+*+mailbox suffix+primary contact name (* is a wildcard)

That's just as likely to find the main contact's email!

Those are some of the main ways to find a mailbox, so let's move on!

If you don't find the contact details through the series of methods above!!!

Finally, finally! We only have to make guesses about emails, and by guessing emails here I don't mean guessing with our eyes closed, but of course making informed guesses!

Still using the above + sensible and common mailbox naming (guessing based on character names)

Two very powerful tools are presented to you.

The first one: it's the hunter mentioned above

Second paragraph.

Whoever uses it will know!!!

Then make your guesses: naming may vary from country to country, here for your information only!

Possible naming options for Roger Zumwalt are RogerZumwalt, RZumwalt, Roger, etc.

Go here and go through a series of tedious actions! Finally got the target customer's email out!!!

It's not over yet!!! Don't forget to do a final verification of the email address, if it exists, you can go happily send a development letter, if it doesn't exist..., well...

Website for validating emails.

How to develop five precise clients a day with Link That concludes this series of articles shared

You may ask, how can you get five accurate customers a day with such a tedious operation? I'll be honest with you, that approach is not acceptable.

Let's review: the first step we take when looking for customers is to determine the nature of the customer, but due to the development of the Internet nowadays, many retailers can import directly from foreign countries, so this step of the operation will be very inefficient and will greatly reduce the accuracy of the customer, so is there a way we can omit this step of judgment?

That's right, customs data!!! Using customs data combined with this hit, five precise clients a day is absolutely possible!!!

So next post, on using this method in conjunction with customs data to get accurate customers efficiently!

Stay tuned!

The above methods are personal summaries of the actual operation, real and effective, welcome message exchange

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