How to do foreign trade website construction? What points to consider!

If you use ASP or PHP for your business website, it is good to take some caching techniques and compressed output techniques to improve the access speed

Many foreign trade enterprises or individuals do not understand the foreign trade website, they blindly to build a foreign trade website, there may be some problems, but also cause a lot of energy and time to promote the site, but also failed to attract more customers, or retain customers, to reach a deal. In this regard, what are the key points to consider when building a foreign trade website?

1. Professional and credible aesthetic design

Out of JS and Flash misunderstanding, do foreign trade website need to refer to some international large foreign trade website, good to atmosphere, simple, simple but not simple. In the page design, also need to take into account the compatibility of different types of browsers, IE browser belongs to a more users of a browser, clear structure, site search system, which allows users to easily find the information needed.

2、Access speed

When building a foreign trade website, If the server is located in the United States, Our export bandwidth is very limited, often results in many other countries being inaccessible, It will be less of a hassle to a certain extent, therefore, No need to worry about bandwidth constraints with foreign space。 If you use ASP or PHP for your business website, it is good to take some caching techniques and compressed output techniques to improve the access speed。

3. Statistical analysis cannot be ignored

Less need to visit the statistics system, if you do not know whether you have visitors or not, how visitors find you, which country, and other series of questions, it is all very sad for the business website, because it simply does not play the role of a platform should play.

4, pay attention to search engine rankings, adhere to the SEO optimization

I'm sure you're no stranger to SEO! If you want to have a good ranking, then you need to adhere to SEO, high-quality search engine optimization, all pages need to have a unique META and TITLE meta tags, the first tag effect is towards the search engine to explain what the page is about the information, mainly to the spider to see. The latter is the page title, which is the description of those above on the browser. Many business websites have the same tags on all pages, even without META tags, and many pages will be considered duplicate pages, which will not be included.

These four points should not be ignored when building foreign trade websites in several areas. The process of building a business website is basically just that, and if you break it down, it's all very much the same. If you need to consider these points before building a website as well, the rest is much better.

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