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How to implement automatic calculation of PEG in TomTom

I have been benefiting from the public number "Dr. Tao 2006", and I have nothing to report. Today I will share the formula for automatic PEG calculation with you in the General Trust.

--Tribute to "Dr. Tao 2006"

In the spirit of "complex things simple, repeat things automated" lazy thinking, the past few days self-taught the formula preparation method of the General Trust, self-editing the PEG formula, shared to you. That way Dr. Tao and everyone else can have some more time for poetry and distant places.

Without further ado, let's get right to the results: the

The steps to achieve this are as follows.

I. Download the custom formula.

There are more than 100 lines of code, in order to avoid mistakes when copying, I will not post a picture, please move to the public number "lion lonely line", in the home page of the "toolbox - formula" menu to download their own. The installation method of the formula, no longer repeated, if there is unclear, please do your own Baidu.

Second, download the custom data.

PEG Custom Data 20180628 (string,value_2006.txt), needs to be updated from time to time, if not updated in time, it will lead to calculation errors!!! Please go to the public website "Lion's Walk" and download it from the "Toolbox - Custom Data" menu on the home page.

It's important to say it three times: occasional updates! occasional updates!!! occasional updates!!! No further notice!

You can download it yourself after following this public page, and I will mark the date of the update, after the file.

1, after the completion of the download of the custom data, open the TomTom custom data manager (menu - formula - custom data manager - New):.

2. New custom data. Data Number: 2006, Attribute: External Data (String, Value), Data Name: PEG Custom Data. as follows.

3. Import the "PEG custom data" just downloaded.

III. Use.

Open the analysis chart of TomTom( daily chart、 Weekly charts, etc.) interface, In the sub-chart indicator area, importation"PEG" can then (do sth)。 highestPEG Does it exceed1, It's an important reference, But the fundamentals are fundamental。

IV. A few notes.

1. Financial data, derived from the General Trust, please update the "professional financial data" (menu - options - professional financial data).

2, in order to calculate fast, please update the daily data in time (menu - options - after-hours data download), and check the "analysis chart using the downloaded daily data of Shanghai and Shenzhen" (menu - options - system settings - Settings 1 - analysis chart using the downloaded daily data of Shanghai and Shenzhen).

3. closing price, minimum price and maximum price, using the former compound price, and for market value calculation, using the former compound price * the latest number of share capital, which should have no effect on market value in the preliminary judgment.

4. 2018 net income data, derived from the consensus forecast of net income, i.e. the aforementioned custom data, again, needs to be updated from time to time, otherwise, the calculation of the 2018 PEG will be incorrect.

V. Thank you.

I also got a few pointers from several teachers on the internet during the preparation of the formula as well, so thanks for that! Please give us positive feedback on any shortcomings so that we can continue to share when the version is upgraded.

It would be an honor for all students if this formula, with Dr. Tao's advice and guidance, could be upgraded! Can any school friends pass on to Dr. Tao?

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