How to learn HTML5? What are some tips for mastering project development techniques?

Time flies, the second phase of face-to-face learning in Guangzhou HTML5 in Qianfeng has ended, recalling the contents of this month's study, mainly ajax, object-oriented, jQuery, project-related tools to learn and is to do the project. Daily learning is still very busy, harvest is also a lot, but also recognize some of their own shortcomings, but also need to work harder to better grasp the project development technology.

It has been a few months since I came to Qianfeng, and I understand more deeply that since I chose to come to Qianfeng education to learn, I have to make more efforts to learn, not forgetting the original intention. It's true that being a developer is hard work and software development knowledge updates quickly, so if you slack off you're likely to fall behind. In fact, during the time I spent in the face-to-face HTML5 study at Qianfeng Guangzhou, I understood better that there is no easy word in adult life.

Why do you say that? I have been in society for more than three years, and I understand that work is basically not easy. So gradually I know that only learning the truth can help us find a job in the future, so there is no reason why we should not study hard. Everything is difficult at the beginning, we must have the confidence to overcome it. After two months of study, learned that html5 is easy to get started, but proficient, but also more learning, more practice, which also needs more time. Although JavaScript is flexible, it also brings some difficulties to development, this pointing, object orientation, and so on all these need to be more practice to master.

The so-called world is not difficult only afraid of people with hearts, as long as more effort to learn, to master, difficulties can be overcome. The more you work, the luckier you are. In the learning process to do more hands and brain, understand the essence of knowledge. Do development must master the basics, otherwise it will bring a lot of trouble to our work, do not seem to understand, must understand thoroughly to be good.

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