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How to make input method reappear on win7 system?

I don't know if you guys have found that on the desktop icons of Win7 system, many of them have small arrows, these small arrows make the whole desktop look less beautiful, so can these be removed? Will clearing it affect the whole program? The answer is no, we can remove the small arrow from the desktop icon in two ways, learn how to do it below?

I. Kai use registry editor to clear

1.Click on the "Start Menu", select "Run", and then type "regedit";

2.Then expand the following branch in turn: "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT --- lnkfile";

3.Next, delete the "IsShortcut" string in the "lnkfile" sub-section, as the "IsShortcut" entry is used to control whether the small arrows in the shortcuts to common applications and data files are displayed;

4.Then expand the following branch in turn: "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT --- piffile";

5.Remove the "IsShortcut" string from the "piffile" sub-section, the IsShortcut value is used to control whether or not the MS_Dos program shortcuts are displayed with a small arrow;

6.Exit the registry editor and restart the windows explorer process.

Second, you can borrow a third-party tool to remove the arrow from the desktop icon.

For the small arrows on the desktop icons, if we do not look too good, you can refer to the above method to remove any one of them according to your personal preference, so that the whole desktop looks more simple and beautiful. But if you guys are not very clear about the first method, you can just go for the second method, which will also be a bit easier, but the key is to choose the right third party tool is. Partners who want to learn more tutorials can go to the official website of Piggy One Click Reinstall System (

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