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How to remember Mac shortcuts efficiently?

There are many Mac shortcuts, Command, Option, Control, Shift, etc. I'm so used to the operation on the Win that I can't really get used to it for a while.

For Mac whizzes.How can I remember scientifically and efficiently to improve the operational compulsion and productivity of my Mac computer!

Little Ink shares the following two ways


Mac OS X Common Shortcuts Wallpaper

Computer wallpaper

Change your computer wallpaper to a shortcut wallpaper , look at it every day, look at it all the time, look at it in time when you forget, and slowly convert it into proficient operation.

There's nothing very convenient, of course. Little Ink has made the image available in all resolutions for free download and use.

(Just choose the resolution that corresponds to your computer and use it)

Mac Shortcuts HD Wallpaper


Password: ann3


Show current program shortcuts


(Screenshot from the official website)

In addition to the computer's own shortcuts, there are many shortcuts for office and design software , to achieve a smooth operating experience, you also need to be up to speed.

“CheatSheet”: This software only needs to be used in Check the CheatSheet box in "System Preferences - Security & Privacy - Privacy - Accessibility". You can do this in most App interfaces Long press Command to call out all the shortcuts of the software directly. It's very convenient, so to speak.

(Official free download of the software)

(Using the interface)

this software Deletion method , remove the process inside the activity monitor and then just delete it normally.

Write at the end

There's nothing you can't do if you want to remember, as the saying goes: people work hard and don't get lazy. Be diligent and remember everything.

Of course, with these tips for more efficient learning.

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