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Huawei fully passes China Mobile's 5G bearer ultra-high precision time synchronization test

Recently, Huawei fully completed China Mobile's 5G bearer ultra-high-precision time synchronization test with excellent performance, including the first stage of 5G bearer network SPN equipment demand test; the second stage of 5G ultra-high-precision time server demand test.

Ultra-high precision time synchronization is one of the key technologies for 5G bearers. The current 4G time server and bearer network performance indicators have been unable to meet the new requirements of the 5G bearer, while the clock synchronization accuracy is mainly affected by the accuracy of external clock sources, different network equipment clock differences between the two factors.

China Mobile, as a leading mobile operator in the industry, actively explores 5G ultra-high precision time synchronization performance and proposes ultra-high precision time synchronization requirements and solutions of ±30ns for time servers and ±200ns end-to-end for SPN devices.

For 5G ultra-high precision time server requirements

Huawei, together with China Mobile, has conducted many in-depth discussions and independently carried out research on a number of key technologies such as satellite dual-frequency reception, ultra-high-precision time-locking algorithms, and ultra-high-precision time distribution.

At the same time, with the assistance of the National Timing Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, research on satellite co-viewing technology was carried out and implemented on Huawei SYNLOCK BITS time server products.

Finally, Huawei's self-developed SYNLOCK BITS time server products for the 5G era successfully passed all test items, in which the time synchronization accuracy was improved by 10 times compared to 4G bearer time servers.

For 5G bearer network SPN equipment requirements

Huawei used the PTN 990, an SPN device that supports 5G evolution and has an ultra-high precision clock chip, for testing and verification.

In all metrics, the time and frequency output deviation is within 5ns, which is a 15x improvement in time performance compared to 4G devices.

In particular, the ultra-high-precision time synchronization module effectively resisted noise interference in a simulated existing network plus noise test scenario, fully demonstrating the high-performance and highly reliable qualities of Huawei SPN equipment, which was highly recognized by China Mobile.

From promoting the adoption of the FlexE interface by standards organizations to winning the Outstanding Technology Innovation Award for the X-Haul 5G bearer solution at the International Communications Exhibition, Huawei continues to innovate in the 5G bearer field. The successful passing of this high-precision time synchronization test is another important milestone in the practice of its X-Haul 5G bearer solution. For the future, Huawei will work tirelessly to build a sustainable 5G bearer network and help operators achieve 5G commercialization as soon as possible.

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