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Huawei nova 2s review: a light flagship focused on young people

Tencent Digital (Aban) Turning to December, a new wave of replacement is approaching again, coupled with the popularity of full-screen designs in the second half of the year, many manufacturers have recently been catching the last train of new releases, fighting from online to offline, all trying to take another seat from it. And in this last train, the most active is perhaps Huawei, from the flagship to the thousand-dollar machine successive layout, after the debut of other series of new products, the main offline market and young users of the nova series also did not hesitate to launch its full-screen new product - HUAWEI nova 2s. Can this light flagship phone, which focuses on high value and photography, meet the expectations of "nova people"? I'll take you through the experience it has given me over the past few days.

exterior appearance

The glass material is a widely used solution by major manufacturers in this year's flagships, this time the nova 2s also chose the design of double-sided glass + polished metal middle frame, we got the light Ai blue version, the back cover in the light of the luster is very soft, giving a water-like visual experience, the touch is also very warm, and also has a certain sense of damping, although it is a glass body but hold it in your hands and do not worry about it will slip off. I didn't notice any visible fingerprints after holding it several times, but maybe that's because I got the light-colored version, and I wonder if it would have to look different if I switched to the black version.

The upper left corner of the back raised double camera retains the big eye style, still looks slightly abrupt, naked then bump is certainly not uncommon, so in the process of use it is best to wear a shell to smooth out the height difference, the flash is parallel to the double camera, the upper right corner of the back cover is marked with the camera's aperture and other information, the middle is Huawei's LOGO, the bottom is the model information, the overall view of the back design is still very simple.

On the front is a piece of18:9 of6.0 inch screen, Slim body while increasing the screen-to-body ratio, The feeling in the hand is the same as5.5 No difference in inch phones,Full incell HD resolution has a very good display, and supports custom color temperature and lower resolution to enhance long term continuous travel or use。

The rounded corner finish around the screen echoes the R corners of the body also giving the front a more coordinated look and the black edges of the inner screen are relatively well controlled. The dual cameras, earpiece, and sensors are aligned in parallel on the forehead section, though the front dual cameras still have slightly larger openings, and being side-by-side on the left side of the forehead might be difficult for many OCD stars, so maybe the black version will be a good choice for them. There's also a breathing light hidden inside the earpiece, which is a rather surprising design.

In the pursuit of a high screen-to-body ratio, many manufacturers have placed the fingerprint recognition module on the back of their full-screen phones. The nova 2s, however, retains a physical home button with an integrated fingerprint module on its extremely limited "chin". Like its previous phones with front-facing fingerprint recognition, this fingerprint module also has the same interactive functions that can replace the function keys: short press to return, long press to return to the desktop, left and right swipe to enter the multitasking interface, avoiding the double chin that comes with using virtual buttons. However, the area of this button is really limited, plus the body is very long and narrow, in the process of using sometimes the thumb "can not reach" the situation, sometimes have to use a very awkward posture to operate, and the user may just have to go through a break-in phase to get used to.

The polished center frame gives me an iPhone X-like feel, and its curvature combined with the 2.5D curved edge on the front and back makes the whole frame more harmonious and avoids the "cut" situation. The top of the body is the microphone and the bottom is the 3.5mm headphone jack with Type-C port, and the bottom is not made symmetrical because the headphone jack is retained.


In terms of hardware configuration, this time the HUAWEI nova 2s uses the flagship chip Kirin 960 processor launched last year, after a year of polishing and practice, its performance is also relatively mature and stable, although it can no longer be considered top performance today, but still has strong strength compared to the mid-range processors equipped on many products in the same price range, and has good control in power consumption.

I've always felt, Experiencing a mobile phone performance The most intuitive way is to play a game of King's Quest。nova 2s I was also more than satisfied with the performance on the game, In high frame rate mode, Basically able to maintain when there are fewer characters on screen58 Frame rate of around, Occasionally drops to53 around the frame, No noticeable lag。 For a fielding assassin like Li Bai, The smooth graphics also makecarry Become more comfortable with it。 This is also thanks to Huawei's deep collaboration with the game maker, In the course of the game system Optimized for hardware load, Rationalization of resources, Make the game run in a relatively stable environment, Also reduces power consumption。

Also included in the system is the Game Assistant feature, which intelligently identifies game status to avoid degradation of the gaming experience caused by message pushes and incoming calls.

In terms of heat, the nova 2s is not significantly hot after half an hour of playing King's Quest in high frame rate mode, and there is a more noticeable feeling of heat on the body after twenty minutes of watching HD videos, but it is generally within acceptable limits.


in software,nova 2s Equipped with an Android-based8.0 ofEMUI 8.0 system, I've also experienced this on a couple of new Huawei phones recently system The smoothness and ease of use of the, Good performance in software and hardware integration optimization, And in terms of power consumption and long term continuous travel or use Optimization has also been done on, The overall level is a considerable improvement over its predecessor。

EMUI 8.0 This major artificial intelligence system also fornova 2s Brings a lot of operational convenience, The first is the intelligent assistant withAI see through a screen, This is what I've been experiencing all this timeEMUI 8.0 The two features that feel best used。 Smart Assistants in system The negative screen of the main interface consists of several cards that integrate many useful functions, For example, courier information, Payment portals, etc., Can be quickly invoked in different usage scenarios。

If you have other matters that need to be dealt with immediately during reading the article, you can add the article to the later reading after smart screen recognition. Display in the Smart Assistant in the corresponding card and wait until you have time to continue browsing.

The nova 2s' split-screen feature also makes better use of this 18:9 screen, and the operation is also more interesting, using the knuckle recognition function that was once seen as a black technology, just slide your knuckles horizontally in the screen to divide the screen into two parts, and in landscape mode it is a vertical slide, which can also achieve the effect of left and right split screen, but the recognition rate of the gesture operation still needs to be strengthened, and occasionally there are still cases of failed recognition.

Facial recognition is also an important feature that many manufacturers are laying out these days. nova 2s' facial recognition is recorded without too many tedious steps, and the speed and accuracy of recognition is satisfactory. And it can intelligently identify whether the object is live or not, avoiding the situation that others use photos or videos to unlock the device.

In addition, in some details, EMUI 8.0 has a lot of thoughtful features, first of all, the intelligent integration of push messages can well avoid the disturbance of all kinds of APP push messages, which is a point I personally like very much. Smart noise cancellation during calls and multiple security during payments are also some of the better highlights.

take a picture

As a series for younger users,nova There has always been a strong focus on for take a picture performance The polishing and optimization of, this timenova 2s In terms of hardware it comes with four front and rear cameras, The dual rear cameras are2000 Megapixel black and white+1600 A combination of megapixel color lenses, all usingf/1.8 large aperture, Not a small improvement in bokeh and image quality。

From daytimeOutdoor Sample come and see,HUAWEI nova 2s The white balance control is not bad., The color reproduction is also more accurate, There is no noticeable loss of detail even after zooming in, Overall at a satisfactory level。

Outdoor Sample

In low light conditions, there is no perceptible noise and color shift in the dark areas, and all details are preserved.

The indoor close up samples are still relatively well preserved in terms of detail.

Thanks to the double1.8 large aperture, In the night shotnova 2s The dual camera also has a larger light intake, The image quality of the night shot is basically sufficient for most users, combined with system Post-processing of algorithms, Further enhances the purity of the picture。 However, the smearing will still be more pronounced when zoomed in。

The Super Night Shot, on the other hand, uses long exposure processing combined with algorithms for better optimization of the image, with cleaner imaging and better overall results.

EMUI 8.0 The camera app has many interesting shooting modes, The rich playability they bring has also been felt in previous experiences with several of the products, And in the follow-up system There are more new gameplay additions in the update。

On portrait photography,HUAWEI nova 2s The performance of the, Large aperture makes the bokeh in the background more pronounced, (located) at system The edge transition is also more natural with the algorithm, But you can see there is still room for upside。 moreover,HUAWEI nova 2s The dual rear camera through the depth of fieldISP Optimized during portraits, Makes for a more layered portrait。

nova 2s The dual front-facing camera is also a big selling point for this phone, It uses the2000 The main megapixel camera with200 The combination of a megapixel secondary camera, The main lens is responsible for imaging, The secondary lens is responsible for the depth of field of the picture。 During the actual shooting system It also detects facial information, Optimization of imaging results, The bokeh transition is also more natural, Makes for a nice depth-of-field experience with the dual front-facing cameras as well。

moreover,nova 2s The selfie mode also adds funAR functional, A lot of interesting effects or backgrounds can be added during the shoot, And the separation of the background from the portrait is accurate and natural, This is also thanks to the excellent bokeh of the front dual camera module performance, Has a high level of playability。

long term continuous travel or use

The nova 2s is equipped with a large capacity battery of 3340mAh, and its battery life performance is at a normal level in the same price range. 5% of the power is consumed by playing a game of King's Glory, and about 40% of the power is still left after playing HD movies for about four hours at full brightness, which is still enough to cope with one charge a day in daily use. And it also supports 9V/2A fast charging, charging from 2% to 50 in 33 minutes and reaching 90% after one and a half hours of charging, a charging efficiency that will satisfy most users.


As a product that focuses on offline and targets young users, nova 2s comes with its own potential to win fans in terms of value, and the performance of the sub-flagship processor Kirin 960 can meet the needs of most users, plus the intelligent experience brought by EMUI 8.0, which can be said to be both inside and outside, which is attractive to young people who pursue fashion and quality. Also more conscientious is the fact that the nova 2s doesn't put 6GB of RAM on the higher priced top-end version like other manufacturers do, and is more flexible in terms of options.

The nova 2s has a price tag of $2,000 to $3,000, and many of the products in this price range are the most popular in the market today, and most of the selling points and positioning are the same.

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