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Huian County Experimental Primary School team shows off their skills in World Robotics Competition

A few days ago, the 2018 World Robotics Competition ended in Beijing, eight players from the county's experimental primary school represented the Fujian Province team to participate in the competition, and won an excellent performance, the participants all advanced to the top ten of the world competition.

It is understood that the 2018 World Robotics Competition was held in Beijing from August 15-19, and this year's competition has held a number of selection rounds around the world, attracting more than 10,000 teams and 40,000 participants from nearly 20 countries and regions to compete on the same stage throughout the year. The event is based on the future development direction of global robotics, with more than 20 events such as confrontation, programming design, innovation and creativity, integrating science and technology, science popularization and fun.

Ren Jianping, IT teacher, County Experimental Primary School

The robotics project we took students to this time is a design project called "Belt and Road Smart Challenge", which requires students to assemble a robot based on a map of the site and tasks, which are randomized, and program the robot to complete various tasks in the site within a limited time.

During the competition, the young players of the county experimental primary school were not afraid of the strongest players, and they were able to overcome all the difficulties, among which, the team composed of Ren Shuxuan and Xue still won the third place in the "2018 World Robotics Competition Belt and Road Intelligence Challenge", which is the highest award of the robotics competition in our county at present. In addition, twin sisters Wong Chia Tong and Wong Chia Wah took fourth place; Chen Zhuo Yi and Huang Xiang Yuan took sixth place; and Fang Shun Yi and Zhang Yuxuan took tenth place.

Ren Jianping, IT teacher, County Experimental Primary School

Our school has been running a robotics interest group since 2014, and we usually have robotics classes, we also run a wider range of hands-on robotics activities, select the best people for training and development, and select them layer by layer for various competitions.

Source: Huian County Radio and Television

Editor: Wang Feixiong He Yishen

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