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Humaniq implements intelligent biometric system to further enhance the security of soon-to-be-human transactions

Author: Anonymous Translator: Lance

24 April 2018, London -

Humaniq, a London-based fintech company, announced today that it will further improve its app and use a new intelligent biometric system for instant trading.

Humaniq recently announced the integration of additional biometric settings as an additional security measure into the Humaniq app, which has been downloaded more than 100,000 times in the Google Play store. The technology allows executed transactions to be tracked to ensure they match the user's transaction patterns.

Humaniq is seizing the opportunity offered by the blockchain distributed ledger to provide a complete, untamperable history of transactions. This enables specific behavior patterns for each wallet to be recognized by the app when activated. If a transaction is detected as unsuitable for the user in this mode, Humaniq's intelligent system will request further biometric data. The more transactions a user performs, the more detailed and thorough their wallet analysis becomes.

The Humaniq team also revealed today that the total volume of over 250,000 transactions per month has reached 400,000 HMQ. With the introduction of an additional biometric authentication layer, this means that over 10,000 transactions will be completely protected from fraudulent interference, thus benefiting over 100,000 users of the Humaniq app.

The measures announced today build on the high level of Humaniq applications that already provide users with superior security features and high security standards. The Humaniq community has responded positively to the current features of the Humaniq app: wallets, secure communication, live chat support, P2P transactions within African countries (Uganda, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Rwanda), P2P encrypted file sharing and trading. In addition, earlier this year, Humaniq implemented the launch of the first active hybrid blockchain, providing a low-cost way to protect the network and enabling users to make small transactions when the cost of the transaction is close to zero.

Anton Mozgovoy, Chief Technology Officer of Humaniq, said.

"We will never be satisfied with what we have achieved and we remain committed to improving the quality of our services and the experience of our users as we give strength to these unbanked people. The Humaniq team is constantly receiving and analyzing feedback from our community, and there is little to no chance of us making even a minor error. "


Humaniq is a London-based fintech company that uses its blockchain-based mobile app to deliver next-generation financial services to unbanked and unsupported users in emerging economies around the world. Humaniq is committed to global financial inclusion by providing access to global markets, greater opportunity and novel financial operating solutions that offer improved technology for those accessing financial services for the first time.

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