"I feel like I'm going to be laid off" - the three biggest misconceptions people have about Wukong's telemarketing robot

As telemarketing robots continue to hit the market after

Numerous telemarketers have raised huge concerns

Wong Ah Fa is one of them

Wong Ah Fa's heart is

Those of you who do AI.

Robbing people of their jobs is just bad

I'm going to explain here for the record

Telemarketing robots are here to "free up" manpower

Not "solving" human

This should never be separated!

Here is a small summary of what everyone

The Three Biggest Misconceptions About Telemarketing Robots

Respond in unison today!

Misconception 1

Robots take up space.

Client. I want to get on 10 telemarketing robots

But what if I don't have an available workstation now?

Answer. Robots do not occupy workstations

So there's no need to prepare the seats

Wukong Telemarketing Robot

It's cloud-based work

Simply log in to the back office on the Web

Click to create a task to make an outbound call

Misconception 2

Bring your own number resource

Client. Did you buy your robot.

So I can double my performance, huh?

Even the smartest phone robots

You can't just call from nowhere.

You must provide a valid phone number.

Dear Customer Poopers

You can have a brain, but you can't go too far.

Misconception 3

No manual telemarketing required

Telemarketers like Wong Ah Fa will worry

Telemarketing robots will steal jobs

The company no longer needs manual sales

Wukong Telemarketing Robot

Replaced by simple repetitive tasks

It's here to free up manpower.

Returning people to human values.

Telemarketing is like finding a needle in a haystack

Robot screens out interested customers

Leave it to human sales to follow up

Eliminate manual repetition of opening statements

Save time wasted on ineffective customers!

that would allow one to devote more time to deeper and more advanced work.

People return to human values.

Telemarketing efficiency can only climb so much!!!

Let Goku do the invalid work.

The more important work is left to the employees to make it happen.

For more information, you can pay attention to Wukong WeChat public number!

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