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I talk about Markdown level 1 headings


Programmers are mostly OCD, and I feel like I'm getting sicker now because I'm so attached to my usual note layout (am I really going to be a competent programmer?). ), so today I'll talk about what I know about Markdown.

A. Why I use Markdown

Initial learning, All while watching videos, Use a notepad on the side to take notes, Need to use many indents to reflect the hierarchical relationship of knowledge, But it's pretty inconvenient to look at while reviewing。 Why don't I use it? Word? Because I feel like taking a note, And so much attention to typography., distracting。 Until I heard in an online video tutorial Markdown This lightweight text language, I'll never be able to live without it again.。 Now write your own stuff., All with Markdown made。Markdown It's a language., But not a programming language, It's super quick to learn., It's also easier to use than Word facilitate。 All the styles are created with a simple Markdown Markers to achieve, That means no need to be as Word that kind, Click around with your mouse.。Markdown Indeed not.Word That kind of rich typographic style, But I don't even use that complicated typography in my normal writing, Simplicity and clarity is what you want。

B. An editor for writing Markdown

Personally, I currently use Sublime + Markdown Editor plugin to write, and then with the Markdown Preview plugin to preview Markdown, it's okay to use, but just need to install the plugin and configuration. Here are two Chinese editors for windows platform and a Google plugin that can write Markdown, there are also other software for writing Markdown on the Internet, just find one that looks good to you.

  1. HBulider Coding tool, based on Eclipse development, I often use it to write front-end pages, personally feel quite good, of course, can also be used to write Markdown, comes with the change-as-you-go mode.


  1. Yu Writer A Markdown text editor where you can find the joy of writing, dedicated to creating a comfortable, focused and productive writing environment. Quite like the UI design of this editor, although this editor is still being improved and has some bugs, but it doesn't diminish the love for it at all, the writing experience is really great.

Yu Writer

  1. MaDe

An add-on for Google Chrome that requires scientific internet access to download and use, the name of the add-on is very much that, the icon is a cursive mom, the developer's explanation of the icon is

MaDe's icon uses cursive script in a traditional seal style, expressing the wild heart of the app's untamed pride amidst the square and round. And the word "mom" is a tribute to the greatest love in the world, the love of a mother.

Simpleton me, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. MaDe is a plugin for those who don't want to install software to write Markdown, this plugin provides export function and you can also change the theme of the editing area.


C. Learn to use Markdown in three minutes easily

Note: The marker symbols used below are all in English half-angle.

a. Grade 6 headings

Precede the title text with # number to indicate how many levels of heading this is.# The number is separated from the text by a space.

Use a first level heading for the title of an article and a second level heading for the subheadings in each section, so that one level is used after the other.

# First level title ## Secondary headings ### Tertiary headings #### Level 4 headings ##### Level 5 headings ###### Grade 6 Title

The effect of the style is as follows.

First level title

Secondary title

Tertiary title

Level 4 headings

Level 5 headings

Level 6 headings

b. Common text styles


Add two asterisks, or two underscores, to the left and right of the text to be bolded, with no spaces between the text and the marks, personally I do like to use two asterisks.

** Bolded style 1** __ Bolded style 2__

The effect of the style is as follows.

Bolded style 1 Bolded style 2

2.slanting typeface

*Tilt pattern 1* _Tilt Style 2_

Add an asterisk to the left and right of the text to be slanted, or an underscore, with no spaces between the text and the mark.

The effect of the style is as follows.

Tilt Style 1 Tilt Style 2

3.bold and italicized

A bold is two asterisks (underscores) and an italic is one asterisk (underscores), so how should I write it, i.e. bold and slanted? Yes, the bolded tilt is three asterisks (underlined).

***Bolded and italicized 1*** ___ bold italicized 2___

The effect of the style is as follows.

Bolded italic 1 Bolded italic 2

4.Delete text line

Adding two wavy lines to the left and right of the text to be deleted, some may find the delete text line a bit redundant, but in a document with multiple revisions, we can keep track of the revision history of our writing.

~~♪ Delete the text line ♪

The effect of the style is as follows.

Delete text line

5.divider line

In the document, between each section, we can use split lines to separate them and make the document hierarchy clearer by using only three or more short split bars in a line.


The effect of the style is as follows.

6.line feed (computing)

In Markdown, you don't just knock a Enter You can use two spaces, or add a blank line, i.e., hit the key twice Enter key, except that the line spacing is a bit large that way. The recommendation is to use spaces for line breaks in several paragraphs side by side; in several blocks of content, use Enter come to a new line。 sketchbook What is advocated is the use of all Enter to change lines, and this is fine.


Although the marker is said to quote some words, but there can be other uses, such as at the beginning of the document, used as some instructions, at the end of the document with some summary, which is possible, the quote marker is a greater than sign.

> Create your creation —— sketchbook

The effect of the style is as follows.

Create your creation —— sketchbook

c. Code

Programmers often have the need to paste code in their documents, and if you use Word, no matter how you set the style, it doesn't look too good. Markdown has code markers that can be syntactically highlighted, with in-line code surrounded by a pair of backquotes (under ESC on the keyboard), and code blocks surrounded by a pair of three backquotes, and you can also add the language the code belongs to.

This is an Html paragraph tag `<p></p>`

```java System.out.println("Hello, world!"); ```

The typographical effect is as follows.

This is an Html paragraph tag <p></p> System.out.println("Hello, world!");

d. Listings

1.unordered list

list to make our documents more hierarchical, mostly used in the document directory, just use a short split bar to produce an unordered list, and can be nested at multiple levels to produce a multi-level list, note the indentation of each level.

- C language - C++ - Java

- programming language - C language - entrance door - advanced - C++ - Java

The typographical effect is as follows.

  • C language
  • C++
  • Java

  • programming language
    • C language
      • entrance door
      • advanced
    • C++
    • Java

2.ordered list

Ordered lists use numbers directly, and numbers can be out of order from each other, but the resulting list is indeed ordered, and like unordered lists, multi-level lists can be generated.

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript

(located) at sketchbook What is actually written on the

actual figure

The typographical effect is as follows.

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript


Tables are spelled out in Markdown using vertical bars and short horizontal lines to make the table look like a table, with the table header and table content directly in short horizontal style, and a colon to set the alignment of a column of content, as shown below. Also, there is no direct way to center text in Markdown, you can write HTML tags, but few Markdown editors support HTML tags, so this article does not use HTML tags. The following is the method of centering the text in the table header used in the writing itself, introduced to you, in fact, is to use a table marker again, remember and the real table content between the empty line, because the table in the marker to set the alignment of the content.

| Here is an example of a table| |:---:|

| Fruit Unit Price | Number | |:---|:---:|---:| | Apple 4 yuan/catty | 10 | | Bananas | 3 yuan/catty | 10 | | Peach 2.5 yuan/catty | 10 |

Here is an example of a table

Fruit Unit price Quantity Apples $4/catty 10 Bananas $3/catty 10 Peaches $2.50/catty 10

e. Links and images


Website link

Put the link in a pair of pointed brackets, It would make the link into Website link, sketchbook ofMarkdown Seems like you could just post a link@--@。 <>

The effect of the style is as follows.

text link

Put the text in a pair of brackets, Followed immediately by a pair of parentheses, Put the link in brackets, Remember to make sure the markers are in half-angle.~, Alternatively it could be written as an in-text link, It can also be made into a full text link, But the link to the full article, sketchbook No support, I'm not going to demonstrate it here, Post the address., consult by yourself Markdown links

[Jane's Book] ( The effect of the style is as follows.


Link with description

When you mouse over it, there will be a description of the link, you just need to add the description text after the link.

[Jane's Book] ( " Create your creation")

The effect of the style is as follows.


Image markers and links are very similar, so put in a piece of narrative, just add an exclamation point in front of the text link, the name of the image inside the brackets, and the link address or path to the image in the brackets behind, you can paste a picture directly in the editing area in Jane, you can automatically upload and generate image markers, Jane is still quite convenient design here.

![ Jane's home page](

The effect of the style is as follows.

Jane's home page


1.escape tag

If you don't want Markdown's markup to work, you can escape the markup character to a normal character by putting a backslash in front of it, and two backslashes make the backslash a normal character, similar to the escape character in programming languages.

### invalid Tertiary title


Markdown also has a big use in the scientific field, where you can write complex formulas, but it's not supported on Jane's Book, so if you're interested, you can search for the information online.

Many blog editors nowadays are also Markdown, some software installs with a description file called REDEME,MD in the directory, and GitHub has Markdown as a previewable text language without support for Word online preview, Markdown is actually in very widespread use. Some people say that Markdown is the future of the Internet's dominant text language, and Markdown is indeed very simple and easy to learn, and definitely a good helper for writing documents.

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