IMPORTANT REMINDER: First order of business in July, please do your upload roundup first!

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Reminder: small-scale and general taxpayers, regardless of whether you invoiced last month or not, please log into the invoicing software at the beginning of the month for copy and clear card operation! Otherwise, the tax-controlled device locks up and can only be unlocked at the tax service office! And with July being the big levy period, all tax control users must follow the process below to read, file and clear their cards!

Since the latest filing comparison policy is now officially implemented, the filing and tax copy process has been changed everywhere, and monthly filing taxpayers must follow the following process this month.

1.Please login to the invoicing software first and perform the upload summary

2.Log in to the reporting platform to file your statement

3.Logging into the invoicing system to perform remote card clearing

Taxpayers filing quarterly returns, As no declaration is required this month, Accordingly, the first day of this month's collection period one After the second entry into the invoicing software, The system will automatically complete the card clearing operation!

Invoicing software must be upgraded to the latest version! So how can the latest version of Golden Tax Disk invoicing software determine whether the tax copy clears the card or not? Please follow the steps below


View Invoicing Software Version Number

The current required version of invoicing software must be 180425 or higher, invoicing below this version will not work properly! To view it, go to the invoicing software and click on "About" under the last menu "Help".

Note that the version number is: V2.1.30 180425 The latest tax classification code is: 30.0

Currently, according to the General Administration of Finance and Taxation [Notice on Adjustment of VAT Rates] Cai Shui [2018] No. 32 requires that. Effective May 1, 2018, taxpayers who engage in taxable sales of VAT or import goods, which were subject to 17% and 11% tax rates, are adjusted to 16% and 10%, respectively.

This also requires all invoicing systems to be upgraded to version 180425


If you are able to clear the card properly, then when you go back to invoicing, the following prompt will appear.

This prompt appears to indicate that the Golden Tax Disk has been copied and cleared!


Check if the card has been cleared by checking the status of the Golden Tax Disk at.

Please click "Tax Return Processing → Status Inquiry" and click "VAT Invoices and VAT General Invoices", the screenshot is as follows.

Current month is July

This image has been tax copied and the card has been cleared successfully

1.The lockout date is: a date in the middle or second half of the following month;

Lockout date: 08/16/2018

2.Tax return information is: "None";

A "none" tax return means the card has been cleared successfully

3.Date of last tax return: 00:00 hours on the 1st of the current month;

(As above) Last tax return date is 00:00 on 1 July 2018

4.The starting date of the tax return is: the first day of the following month;

(As shown above) The start date of the tax copy is 01/08/2018

If the above conditions are also met, you can confirm that you have successfully filed your tax return and cleared your card this month.

If the start date of the tax copy becomes the first day of the next month, but the tax return information shows "Yes", it means that the company has not yet cleared the card, and needs to enter the invoicing system to clear the card again after the successful filing!


Special reminder.

(1) Do not click on the operation under the regular circumstances of tax office transcription.

(2) Tax filing and card clearing must be completed within the monthly tax filing period (usually 1-15 days, if the holidays will be extended), otherwise the invoice can not be issued, after the tax filing period will be locked. You can only clear the card in the lobby with your tax control device when it's locked!

(3) Always make sure the date on your computer is current, otherwise the invoicing system will not sync with the server! And connect to the server to test it successfully!

(4) Be sure to file the summary first, then enter the invoicing again only after all returns have been sent and filed successfully on the tax preparation platform to clear the card!

(5) If the invoices issued in the previous month are not uploaded successfully, the system will not walk to clear the card for tax reading and the offline invoices of the previous month must be uploaded successfully!


Invoicing system tax copy and card clearing FAQ

1、Small-scale taxpayers and general taxpayers who have declared and filled in the declaration statement correctly will automatically file tax returns and clear their cards by logging into the invoicing software at the beginning of the month, and a prompt will appear: "The golden tax equipment has completed the card clearing operation and will restart the invoicing software. "

The following conditions are required to achieve automatic card clearing operation.

First: invoicing software for version V180425 and later.

Second: no offline invoices.

(prefix indicating ordinal number, e.g. first, number two etc) three: Software link server is working;

Fourth: no uncleared card for non-collection period tax transcripts.

Fifth: General taxpayers need to file and be error-free first.

2. The computer can access the Internet normally, but the invoices cannot be submitted and the tax return clearing card cannot be automatically given to complete

When this happens, you should first test whether the server can connect successfully by: System Settings - Parameter Settings - Upload Settings - Test. If it connects successfully, it may be a slow upload, if it doesn't, it could be one of the following.

For example, in the picture above, the last 7002 of the server address becomes 7OO2 (automatically changed by the system), so that you can't connect to the server and need to change the address manually! Then again, the computer date must be current or it won't sync with the server!

3、Upgrade V2.0 prompted "Event Code: 777 Function Code: 22 Event Description: There are offline invoices, can't report the summary!

Answer. (1) A network connected to the invoicing machine.

(2) Enter the "System Settings" parameter setting page in the invoicing software, verify that the secure access server is (different for each province, Shandong Province is: (must be entered in English), and test the connection status with the server of the tax bureau.

The operation is as follows.

(3) ensure that the test prompt is: after successful connection, the invoicing software do not exit to stay for about 2 minutes, the invoicing software will automatically upload the unuploaded invoice information to the tax bureau; (you can also exit the invoicing system and then enter the invoicing system after staying for about 2 minutes)

Note: If the connection is not successful during the test, please check the computer system time to be the current Beijing time, turn off the anti-virus software and firewall, and test again.

(4) Enterprises can check whether all invoice data have been uploaded through the invoice query page, confirm that all invoices are "reported", and then proceed to remote copying (or reporting summary).

After the above is done or not, do Invoice Management - Invoice Repair (select full year data), and stay for about 2 minutes after repairing and exiting the invoicing system and then entering the invoicing system. Confirm that all invoices are "submitted" and then finalize the remote copy (or upload summary).

4、When the upgrade version V2.0 executes reporting summary (or remote copy), it prompts "This version does not support reporting summary for non-collection period", as follows: How to deal with it?

A: At this time, you should check "Tax Return Processing→Status Inquiry" to confirm whether the enterprise has successfully filed tax returns for the levy period.

1. The card clearing has been completed this month and no further reporting summary or remote card clearing is required.

2. Performed an additional tax reading and executed a non-collection period tax reading due to mistakenly ordering a tax office reading after clearing the card. You need to go to the tax office to clear the card for non-collection period. Please bring the golden tax disk, tax registration copy and official seal to the tax office to clear the card. In the future, please do not order tax office transcriptions without guidance from staff. After the non-levy period card clearance is completed, only then can the levy period copy be cleared.

Source:Professional Accountant, Shanxi Aerospace Information, Accounting Says

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