IT Leaders Summit Focuses on Digital Transformation: MAXHUB Smart Meeting Technology Drives Enterprise Transformation

Recently, with the theme of "New Era: Digital China and the Future World", the 2018 China (Shenzhen) IT Leaders Summit was held in Shenzhen, where industry leaders and renowned experts such as Ma Huateng, Deng Zhonghan, Zhang Shoucheng, Li Xiaojia, Guo Wei and Wang Jian gathered to discuss the new dynamics, new directions and new models in the new era of digital economy and new industrial revolution.

Digital transformation of enterprises in the new economic era

On the outlook for 2018 and future IT development in China, Li Ying, executive director of the Digital China Consortium, said that the construction of digital China is moving into a new era, the integration of the IT industry and the real economy is stepping into a new depth, and enterprises will also become the main body of China's industrial innovation system.

"China's real economy has to take the digital stage and become a real protagonist." Ma Huateng, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Tencent, also believes that the transformation and upgrading of China's real economy will be achieved by enterprises with the help of a toolbox and new infrastructure like the Internet.

International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that by 2020 the value added of industries related to global digital transformation will reach $10 trillion, with 67% of the world's top 1,000 companies and 50% of China's top 1,000 companies placing digital transformation at the heart of their strategy.

In this context, the accelerated technological and business changes in the new era, such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data and platform thinking, have also given more possibilities for the digital transformation of enterprises. For example, one of the many smart technology products presented at this IT summit, maxHUB, an efficient conference platform, carries forward the research results of its parent company, Visual Source, in many artificial intelligence fields, such as speech recognition, face recognition, handwriting recognition, etc., to help enterprises improve conference collaboration and decision management efficiency and achieve technology-driven digital transformation.

Technology drives digital transformation of the enterprise

Audio, video and image recognition technologies are important factors in getting AI technology off the ground. It is understood that for the exploration and research of audio and video technology, MAXHUB's parent company, Vision Source, has already laid out its plans, and has set up a central research institute since 2014 to vigorously invest in research in the field of artificial intelligence, and invited Professor Chen Jingdong, an international authoritative expert who was the chief scientist of Bell Labs, to join, providing strong technical support for MAXHUB's application innovation in the field of intelligent conference.

Today's MAXHUB can carry face recognition system to achieve intelligent conference check-in, realize efficient troubleshooting of meeting permissions, ensure business collaboration security, while providing enterprises with efficient meeting coordination and intelligent centralized control services, such as supporting remote meetings, enabling enterprises to achieve efficient cross-regional collaboration, conference files stored in the cloud, ready to be accessed by participants, facilitate the sharing of collaborative progress between different departments, while supporting data fast transmission, computer mobile phone devices and other conference needs, Help organizations build effective collaboration platforms that increase efficiency and drive digital transformation.

The advent of China's digital economy will give rise to the need for more enterprises to upgrade their digital transformation. And this 2018 China IT Leaders Summit not only conveys the signal of the need to seize the first opportunity of transformation in the changing times, but also emphasizes the need for more exploration and layout in the application field of technology-driven transformation, such as MAXHUB based on intelligent meeting scenarios to enhance the efficiency of enterprise collaboration and help enterprises' digital transformation, thus connecting digital China and the future world in the new era.

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