If you click on this page by mistake, your phone is likely to have been controlled by someone else

Nowadays smartphones have become the main communication tool for the masses and where there is a smartphone present there is also a need for WiFi to support his operations. That's why routers have become one of the must-have devices for home companies, but there are probably many people who are unaware of just how many hidden dangers it hides.

Due to the widespread popularity of routers in recent years, many hackers have set their sights on them. According to the latest report, hackers only need some basic javascript code to remotely control a user's router. This is obviously a very scary thing. But that's the truth, hacking into a router is indeed as simple as creating a basic javascript or HTML formatted web page.

This page must be noted, if the user a little attracted by this page click to visit, you can start remote control scripts, so as to gain control of the user's router, and then steal personal privacy data is easy to do. Such pages can be triggered by visiting the website, or by opening a link to an image, so users must always be on their guard.

If a hacker once takes control of a router, then all other devices connected to the router, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart homes and other connected devices, become pawns in the hands of the hacker to control. Not only will the private information of these devices be completely exposed, but they will also become a broiler for hackers to attack other websites and operators.

So it seems that it is very important to secure your router, if the control of the router falls into the hands of hackers, then it is also equivalent to your phone has been completely controlled by hackers, and the consequences of this are unthinkable. So cloud.cc platform strongly recommends to turn off the "remote control" function when using the router, do not use the default user name and password, be sure to reset the complex password to prevent hackers easily cracked.

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