cool hit counter I'm sorry I'm going to have to tell you some truth, it might upset you!_Intefrankly

I'm sorry I'm going to have to tell you some truth, it might upset you!

Since the current employment situation is not very optimistic, those who have a job should cherish the current job and take the time to improve themselves, and those who do not have a job should take the time to improve themselves.

Always believe that society is progressing, that technology is advancing, and that winter is just a prelude to spring. When the world was in turmoil, Zhuge Liang studied behind closed doors in Nanyang and finally got a wise master, and now when the economy is not optimistic, we also need to study hard to improve ourselves. Get a better job when spring comes.

web development. Many readers are using Python to do web development work, I want to say that you use Python to do web development does not have any advantages, web development is more mature Java, php, and the rising star Go, Python advantage is not very obvious, many people with you to grab this job. I am not really recommending Python for web development, Python's most obvious advantage we all know doing data, must not discard this advantage.

reptile It is one of the main means to get data,and data is the basis of what we do, and many times data we have the money when we have data, but the work of crawlers has always had to do with anti-crawlers, so crawlers have always been easy to learn but difficult to master. General learning to master some conventional anti-crawl means will be enough, professional crawlers may be more in-depth to do anti-crawl work .In addition, we know that data is relatively easy to earn money, I have some partners around me crawl some valuable data to sell money, earn extra money, sold to the people who need it, a month to earn a 20-30,000 very easy.

Data analysis and miningIn fact, we are now in an era of data, and data analysis to obtain data is definitely in the future is more and more important, all all business decisions, risk assessment can not be separated from the support of data.

Then talk about it. machine learning Well, we all know that. machine learning Also by taking the data and training it in simulation, and then predicting it out, it becomes the machine learning model we need. Repeated training makes this model more accurate.

Below is a picture I replied to a friend a long time ago, you can take a look:

Technology must serve the user, technology that is divorced from the user is boasting . it's hard for these companies to make money. Data analytics, machine learning are technologies that happen to be needed on a daily basis and are leading the way in technology. I am sure they will be more widely used in the future. Your future will be bright learning these skills and your salary will lead the way!

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