Imagination knows no bounds, what a world of autonomous driving will look like


Imagination knows no bounds, what a world of autonomous driving will look like?The editor plugs the wings of his imagination, commencement…… special note: All images in this article are from internet search。 If you like it, remember to follow the AutoZone Forum Reddit!!

It's been a long time since I've submitted an assignment to the leader

So, I've been thinking about it for the past two days

Write something so that the majority of car enthusiasts

Spread your imagination and leave a message.

Eating, sleeping, even drinking water is on my mind.

Never really thought about it ......

The mood is anxious.

Here's the peak: listening to the radio on the drive home, the

Heard a thread on autopilot ......

The moderator was eloquent.

The editor is a very dedicated person who does things

I don't remember the details of the conversation.

Just remember mobile payments, dropshipping licenses and autonomous driving and all that jazz

However, this suddenly gave the editor a flash of light ......

Autonomous driving, about to happen in the near future

Today, then, think about autonomous driving.

I'm not from an engineering background.

I don't know anything about the principles of black technology.

But there's no shortage of science fiction.

Isn't there a poet who said

Imagination is like a match.

It looks insignificant.

But, when polished, it lights up the whole room.

All right, enough of that.

I'll get the matches out first.

Please join car enthusiasts in polishing

About Autopilot

What would your imagination look like?

Let's get down to business.

Let the editor touch on this topic

It's not just that radio broadcast you hear on the road

Remember that on Twitter Lee Kai-Fu was on a brand

Has given talks on autonomous driving

In short, the technology of autonomous driving

It's not science fiction anymore

For example, on some of Tesla's models

And it's automatic.

But only if people are monitored throughout.

To put it in more professional terms

Autopilot is in the public testing phase

But at the current acceleration of technology, my prediction is.

In 10 years, autonomous driving will be standard in vehicles

In 15 years, self-driving vehicles had the same kind of yellow cars as today's, ready to be shared everywhere

In 20 years, roads dedicated to autonomous driving will account for more than 95% of the traffic network

25 years, manual driving folk extinct.

It also has the potential to become a sport to retain

In 30 years the average driving school will be extinct, the insurance company's car insurance department will be closed down, and

Most traffic cops may make a flashy turn as program apes writing traffic programs .....

Let's define 30 years from now: the age of autonomous driving

The age of autonomous driving, Rich kids don't show off their wealth with cars anymore

Today, the car has roughly two functions.

One is a substitute, the other is a show-off.

Admit it or not, in human interactions

Many people can't help but judge the owner's finances and identity from the car

Low-profile people may deliberately avoid the

A vain man may give his all to save face.

rich kid kind of dude.

The car may be a decorative item for the dating sister.

What will happen in the age of autonomous driving?

All luxury cars are like passing clouds ......

over 99% of the roads.

All self-driving shared vehicles

The family used the same cars as the cell phones that are now

extremely cheap

Just top up. The machine itself.

Probably half a month's salary for the average person to handle.

Mercedes, BMW, Audi, whatever.

Just like Nokia back in the day.

Maybe it won't be exclusive to the high and mighty

The car of the future.

It could also be a tussle between Google Cars and Apple Cars...

Ever seen a rich kid show off his wealth with an Apple phone?

No, right?

Rich kids showing off their wealth 30 years later

I guess I'll just have to show off the house I bought on Mars again

The traffic cop may have become a professional program ape

People make mistakes, but machines don't.

People have emotions, but machines don't...

The age of autonomous driving

Everyone's a passenger.

Letting the smart car take us to our destination

You can read the newspaper and play games.

You don't have to be angry about the side-channel rape.

So, the traffic police may not have a ticket to issue

Gorgeous becomes a program ape who writes traffic programs


Insurance companies can't buy car insurance anymore

The car insurance sector after 30 years

There will be massive layoffs .....

No more being late for work.

Reasons affecting the frequent lateness of the editor

Definitely not a lazy bed.

It's the traffic jam ....

Small analysis: there are two reasons for traffic jams

One is artificial driving and the other is wasteful allocation of resources

The Age of Autonomous Driving 30 Years Later

No more drivers.

Road rage will become a historical term

The Age of Big Data.

Smart cars will optimize everyone's travel routes and times

Probably knows you better than your friends around you

Every car may be full

Maybe you'll have the pleasure of meeting a beautiful woman or a handsome man

On the way to work after 30 years

It will be a smooth and pleasant experience

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