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Implementing the spirit of the Center's work conference, Shanghai Branch Development Department II held a mobilization meeting in 2018

In 2018, in the work conference of the Software Center, General Manager Meng Xi proposed the development strategy of "building a global first-class software center in the new era with proactive and sensitive demand, intelligent and efficient operation, outstanding and extreme products, agile and scientific engineering, leading technology in the industry and blossoming innovation", and defined 2018 as the year of innovation and development.

As the main implementation department of the software center, in order to better convey and implement the spirit of the center's annual work conference, the development department of the Shanghai branch held a mobilization meeting for all staff on February 28, 2018, to promote the "eight key tasks" proposed by Vice President Yao Dan, as well as the "four persistent, four innovative breakthroughs, two creation" proposed by Mr. Meng around the "building a global first-class software center", and at the same time to summarize the work of 2017 review and excellent recognition, more than 200 employees of the department attended the meeting, for the unified goal of the year's work, proactive transformation, to do a full mobilization and clear work requirements.

In the conference, first of all, senior manager Li Junchao made a summary report on the annual work in 2017, Li Gaojing pointed out that in 2017, it was a year of double pressure of management and production in Shanghai Branch Development Department 2, the second batch of product migration was launched and implemented, the team involved was split and reorganized, the new team was formally transferred and production tasks were implemented simultaneously, facing a series of changes, our department smoothly transitioned through a number of management initiatives, completed team reconstruction and integration at the fastest speed, guaranteed the smooth implementation of each batch of tasks, key products were continuously and deeply optimized and improved, at the same time, we focused on strengthening the pre-research and polishing of new technologies and products, inherited our innovation tradition, increased the research and development and application of new technology fields such as big data, artificial intelligence and mobile R&D, continuously promoted the development and growth of new business, intelligent traditional business and polished quality products to improve customer service. In addition, Li Gaojing also reviewed and praised the outstanding deeds of key annual advanced projects, advanced individuals, and wonderful group building, and showed the warmth and cohesion of the collective with a photo of the past side by side.

Figure 1 Senior Manager Li Junchao gives a summary report of his work in 2017

The second item on the agenda was for Senior Manager Dai Junyu to convey to all staff the speech of Mr. Yao in the "Bank of China Software Center 2018 Annual Work Conference", to reiterate the "eight key tasks" mentioned by Mr. Yao, to clarify the focus of the year's work, and to mobilize with the key tasks at the departmental level, and to request all teams and lines to effectively implement Mr. Yao's work plan in the year's work planning.

Figure 2 Senior Manager Dai Junyu conveyed the spirit of the Center's work conference

Finally, Mr. Li Zhiming, in the context of the current new era of the country, distilled and interpreted the connotation of the speeches of the Chairman and Governor Zhang, and conveyed to all staff the importance of the "three-step plan" of the head office and the "three-year plan for digital transformation and building a digital bank" of Governor Zhang, and focused on the "building a global first-class software center" mentioned by Mr. Meng in the annual work conference of the center. Mr. Li pointed out that from the bank leaders who put technology leadership in the first place in their strategy, to Mr. Meng who defined the year of innovation and development and put forward four insistences and four innovative breakthroughs, it shows that the software center has come to a new era of innovation and transformation, and the most precious thing in the development department is the products and talent team, how our products can continue to enhance competitiveness and business value and achieve innovation and development, and how our talent team can sustain combat power and play the role of the main force, then it is a problem that everyone here should take the initiative to think about. In this regard, Mr. Li put forward special work requirements for product development and personnel development, pointing out that AML should think about how to deal with the challenges of mature products in the industry and accomplish catching up and surpassing? How quickly can we address the quality and timeliness of data reporting for our regulatory reporting? How can emerging products keep up with the industry and respond to the market to create a breakout hit? How quickly can big data platforms be built to deliver business value? How do techies stay current with their technical skills? How do senior-level technicians become leaders? How can management executives play a leading and role model role? Finally, in response to the above key issues, Supervisor Li put forward the work requirements of "two initiatives and two enhancements" and asked all employees to " Proactive integration, combined with business scenarios to plan the long-term development of products, improve the competitiveness of products and business service capabilities, to achieve innovative development; proactive role, to improve the sense of mission of the main force, to maintain a lasting sensitivity to emerging technologies and enthusiasm for learning, to enhance the combat effectiveness of the talent team, to play the role of the main force". and make it a central tenet of the department's implementation of central requirements in 2018.

Figure 3 Explanation of the main points of the new era work by supervisor Li Zhiming

The last item on the agenda of the General Assembly was to commend the outstanding collectives/individuals in 2017. The awards were set up to include the "Master Award", the "Collective Award", the "Excellence Award", as well as the "Excellence Award", which were given to the employees and collectives who had outstanding performance in the implementation of production tasks, process improvement and thematic work throughout the year, as well as those who stood out in various competitions in the center and in various awards in the head office and above, so as to encourage the employees to be active and to strive for excellence.

Figure 4 Award Ceremony

This meeting, the fourth all-staff meeting of Development Department 2 of Shanghai Branch, enabled the staff of the department to look up to the sky and accurately understand the current development situation of the center and the head office while burying their heads in the sand. The year of innovation and development heralds the departure of a new digital transformation, as the source of innovative product development in the software center, now the big data construction base, Shanghai Development Department II should be more proactive, break the inertia of thinking, actively seek breakthroughs, focus on industry development dynamics, maintain sensitivity to emerging technologies and business scenarios at all times, play a bottom-up synergy, before the arrival of the Internet of Everything era to do a good job of adequate skills reserves, to make a greater contribution to the creation of a global first-class software center in the new era!

Figure 5 Family photo of Development Department 2 in Shanghai Branch

Written by: Shanghai Branch Development Department II

Editor: Fei Fei Sun Ren Huarong

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