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In 2018, Dunwoody Foundation has adopted the theme of "Deep Ploughing"

If you were to sum up Dunwall Foundation's 2017 in two separate words and presuppose Dunwall's 2018, what would you use?

On February 10, all the staff of the Dunwoody Foundation Secretariat gathered at the Beijing office for the 2018 New Year's Welcome Party. In the theme report of "Summary of the work in 2017 and work plan for 2018", Chen Yueguang, Executive Chairman and Secretary General of Dunhe Foundation, expressed "layout" and "deep ploughing".

“Where is the snow of last year?”

"2018, you go slow, please let me see your feet"

The first of these two lines, a poem by the French writer and philosopher Albert Camus, asks "Where did last year's snow go? "The thought is, "What has become of the life that was consumed in time last year, and where is it? ". The latter phrase was the original quote from Chen Yueguang at the Philanthropy 100 Forum late last year, when the organizers asked the attendees to each say one thing to express their expectations for 2018.

With thoughts and feelings on these two sentences, Chen Yueguang gave a 3-hour and 19-minute report on his work in one breath, and the following is a partial summary of his report.


Looking back at 2017

In 2017, the Dunwall Foundation focused on layout, both in terms of project layout, departmental set-up and manpower layout, and achieved remarkable results. Let's start with a set of data.

Using these data, we can arrive at the following assessment of Dunwall's 2017.

1. Steadying the mind and ending the adjustment period

Eliminate project risks and avoid project policy risks as well as implementation risks.

End of team shocks.

Establishing an industry profile.

With the mission of promoting Chinese culture and the mission of promoting the ideological and cultural construction of the Chinese charity industry, the Foundation is a grantmaking foundation with a 100-year goal.

2. Tightening the pace and forming a layout that reflects the mission

The strategic choice of regions has resulted in With Beijing as the leader, Hangzhou as the center and Shenzhen and Guangzhou as the follow-up pattern

In terms of project layout, the formation of Platform-based project clusters for academic and educational research with higher education institutions as partners; systemic clustered project clusters with social organizations as partner networks; and industry-supported project clusters for industry-building projects for public charity organizations

3. Respecting the Way and Virtue, Exploring and Constructing Your Own Organizational Culture

Partially embedded constructs at the policy-making level (Board) and the executive level (Secretariat)

Building an organizational culture centred on an ethic of responsibility

Big data construction for information technology


Looking ahead to 2018

After completing a layout year in 2017, the key word for Dunwall Foundation in 2018 is deep ploughing, which will be done for institutions, culture and projects respectively.

Our general tone.

Eyes outward, minds inward.

More solid steps, more orderly processes and more "readiness" for everything.

The institution is centered on development, the management is centered on empowerment, and the culture is centered on responsibility.

1. Institutional deep ploughing

The Dunwall Foundation wants to make icebergs not ice floes, which appear so spectacular because it is seven-eighths underwater. So what about the seven-eighths of the Dunwall Foundation underwater?

Data-based information pooling system: in the first stage, all projects are planned, some processes are recorded, all actions are traceable, and all results are digitalized. By the second stage, a big data-based analytics system is formed. The third stage is to become a research and development system for mining new problems based on big data in the context of human-computer dialogue, where comparisons between research results in various topics and existing research continue to raise new questions and generate new ideas.

Our organizational culture: we need to clarify our management thinking from an ethic of responsibility, to enrich management with empowerment, to improve management with empowerment, and to innovate management with empowerment. Limit the matters in a group of one matter to a minimum and upgrade from traffic cop style management to coaching style management.

On the growth of man: In the Analects of Confucius, it is written: "I am ten and five years old and aspire to study, thirty and standing, forty and not confused, fifty and knowing the destiny of heaven, sixty and obedient, seventy and following my heart and not exceeding the rules. "This is the realm of the sage, but there is another trajectory of life that goes like this: "Ten are five and aspire to learn, thirty and are lost, forty and are unheard of, fifty and do not know, sixty and grumble, seventy and do not enter into the rule from the heart. "Which end of the above two realms would you lean towards? One does not grow overnight, but deepens in the middle of the process of awareness, the most important link being one's own initiative.

2. Deep cultural cultivation

For a public foundation, the existential crisis may be the inability to raise money, whereas for us, the existential crisis may be that we don't have a direct crisis. In such a situation, it is prone to happen - hard work has been done, high praise has been given, and a busy year has passed, only to be a haphazard accumulation of nothing. That's what we need to be alert to and address.

When there are no external warnings, it is up to responsibility to introspect. From this perspective of our existential crisis, the first step is to start from responsibility, speaking of the consciousness of the human subject, the institution to empowerment to enhance management, promote the improvement of capacity and the development of the institution's career. All these career developments end up in our mission to achieve human development. So it's an infinite upward cycle.

3、Project deep plowing

Being a program officer at a grantmaking foundation is as much about reflecting on sentiment as it is about asking yourself about your abilities when accomplishments fall short.

For the agency, it will focus on two aspects: one is to do less, do better and do better, in 2017 we are "do not do projects that can be done," and in 2018 will be "not to do, we will not do". In addition, the project officer has to go deep into the project and think fully about what role the project officer plays in the different aspects of project planning, project implementation, project adjustment and project evaluation.

Ten tasks at the secretariat level for 2018

1. Development and use of databases.

2. Preparation of the Dunwoody Foundation Plan 2012 - 2022.

3. Contextualization of the industry in the direction of cultural heritage.

4. background combing of the industry in the direction of philanthropic research.

5. Background combing in the public interest support direction industry.

6. Upgrading of the Dunwoody Seed Fund Scheme and 10-year planning.

7. Perfection of the Chinese Charity Culture Forum.

8. Upgrading and deepening of the "Dunwall-Bamboo Forest Project".

9. Thematic workshop for project and project finance officers.

10. Thematic workshop on departmental operations and the authority of departmental directors.


Hot awards session

Following the special presentation, the Dunwall Foundation's 2018 New Year's Welcome Party also featured an annual advanced recognition session, where the results of the 2017 advanced recognition were announced and plaques were presented. At the same time, certificates of appreciation were presented to the volunteers who have worked hard and contributed greatly to the construction of the Dunwall Foundation.

Award winners and award presenters

2017 Advanced Recognition List

Outstanding Team Award. communication department

Outstanding Individual Award. Wu Xiao, Luisa Zheng

Specialized Contribution Award. Wang Meng, Sun Xiaojie

Sincere thanks

Expert volunteers Yang Dandan, Ni Xiaohong, Song Houliang

volunteer : Wang Yifei, Zhang Zhenrong, Yu Jing, Zhu Guobin

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