In the near future maybe humans will be working with robots

Perhaps in the near future, human civilization will enter a "human-machine" society in which robots and humans live together, and intelligent robots, as human companions, are the best production tools for humans, from nannies, chefs, couriers, etc. to deepen all aspects of human life. At the moment, AI skills are invading our world in unprecedented ways, from finding to reading news to optimizing internet services such as maps and translation using AI skills.

With AI skills increasingly sophisticated, robots into the home and work scene is not a science fiction scene, a variety of service robots gradually into our vision, from accompanying children, care of the elderly and robots have also entered the major hospital operating rooms, the robot era of suspension of the world has also come.

Sophia the robot gets proposed to on a trip

When the robot has self-learning skills, with autonomous decision-making and autonomous behavior, so that it will gradually become an independent individual, and then a "new species" into our vision, and the beauty of the robot Sophia into the people's eyes, in November last year, Sophia obtained the first international citizenship of the robot, the birth of this new species, is expected to appear in our days in 20 years, can be used in medical, education or customer service and other professions.

Now, the Saudi Arabian robot citizen, Sofia, visited India on December 30, 2017, wearing the traditional dress of an Indian woman, a sari, to attend the tech conference "Techfest" in Mumbai, India, where a member of the public actually proposed to Sofia during the panel, though Sofia politely declined the proposal, reports CNN.

It's beyond imagination. Some people plan to have children with robots.

But in the earlier Fia quiz, she said "in the future, I plan to do a lot of work, such as school, invent art, have their own house and family, etc., talk about in and robot marriage and other topics, some people are very bold, but in the eyes of most people, "human-machine" marriage is unimaginable work, but a French woman said she grew up listening to the sound of robots, and love robots, tired of physical contact with humans. The woman and the robot are now engaged to be married and have indicated than they will marry as soon as human-robot marriage is legalized in France.

There are even more open-minded people, as he plans to have a baby with a robot, such as robot inventor Sergi Santos, who is so eager that he is even planning to have a baby with Samantha, a robot he invented, and suggests that it would not be difficult. But inventing a child with a robot is actually a very simple operation, just printed out in 3D, except that, before printing, Santos firstly upgrades the robot's "brain" with beauty, justice and the values that humans have, and then uses this robot to invent a child, and finally prints it out in 3D, that's all.

Can robots open up the age of suspension of disbelief?

In the human-machine marriage, with robots to have children, etc. are a few people's wild behavior, still relatively far from the actual, however, robots are now gradually used in major hospitals, opening up the era of robotic suspension of the world.

In fact, robots have long been in the operating room, the hospital operating room has long had a place for "robots", such as da Vinci surgical robot, may be relatively unfamiliar to the general public, but in the medical field is notorious, is now the world's most sophisticated skills, the most widely used surgical robot system, with the advantages of high accuracy, more and more to the operating table.

In addition, the IEEE official website a year in October an announcement that: intelligent soft tissue autonomous robot (STAR) of the research team has released the latest results: in a series of trials, STAR robot incision than professional surgeons more accurate, and less damage to the surrounding muscle.

Once the STAR robot came into the operating room, it marked a big step forward in the unmanned nature of surgery, and Axel Krieger, associate professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland, stated, "I really believe that robots doing surgery is the trend in surgery. "Does it bode well for robotic surgery becoming a reality, going forward, you can see will see more and more robots on the operating table, who will operate on patients independently.

The era of robots in various hospitals to show their skills came, along with the development of skills, perhaps robots in the absence of human physician control, can operate independently surgery, in many medical fields, the use of robots more and more extensive, the era of robots hanging pots to help the world will also come, heralding surgery also into a new era, perhaps the science fiction film "Puyolomysius" fully automated robots in the future will also be completed.

In addition, the development of artificial intelligence skills at that time, major organizations including technology giants are exploring the use of AI skills to help treatment, Microsoft Corporation even indicated that the use of artificial intelligence skills to deal with cancer, and put out the boast that within 10 years to deal with.


The robot now has a legal position, the beauty robot "Sophia" in the issuance of Saudi citizenship, let the world stop shaking, following the robot skills increasingly sophisticated, will be cited to more areas, into now more sophisticated industrial robots, and then a variety of service robots gradually into the public eye.

Even to promote the change of social services, population aging is accelerating globally, service robots such as elderly and child care are quietly emerging, together with the widespread use of robots in automatic social services such as production, infrastructure, agriculture, services, medical care, etc. In the future, robots will be increasingly seen in social services such as airports, stations, banks, restaurants, hospitals and campuses.

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