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In the new year, we hold ourselves to a higher standard

the 10 or 20 days following the lunar New Year's Day


The 2017 Recognition Conference was successfully held recently within the Cloud Spinning City. Feng Qin, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Wujiang China Oriental Silk Market Co., Ltd. and general manager of Suzhou Shengze Yunfencheng E-Commerce Co. Addressed the meeting.

General manager Feng Qin said that this year, the whole year work tasks of Yunfeng City were successfully completed, and the selfless dedication of colleagues deserves recognition.

During this year, our "Cloud Textile City App" has undergone several version updates, and now An even better version 2.0 is now available The company has released a more convenient and useful procurement system.

During the year, we have established long-term relationships with many merchants that More than 3,800 merchants stationed on the Cloud Textile City platform, with more than 2,200 fabrics released The fabrics that have been released cover a wide range of categories and include many of the latest technologies.

In order to take the cloud spinning city to the next level, the general manager also put forward a good expectation for the future of 2018, with all of you.

❶ Continuously practicing staff responsibilities, improving individual implementation skills, focusing on timeliness and final results, so that every decision can be securely implemented.

❷ Dare to think and act, think proactively, focus on observation, start by expanding your ideas, try to tap into your own resources, integrate yourself into the collective development of the company, and make suggestions for the future development of the company.

❸ Be innovative, carry forward the spirit of innovation, constantly discover and solve existing problems, and make Yunfuncheng a textile spot big data sharing service platform by actively absorbing outside knowledge and experience, so as to ultimately realize the ambitious mission of making textile trading easier.

At the meeting, the company's outstanding employees were also nominated for the "Advanced Individual Award", and the "Best Progress Award", "Best Innovation Award" and "Best Execution Award" were presented to commend the efforts of the outstanding employees over the year.

Not only do the staff at Cloudspinner work hard, they're also multi-talented literary types! Showing our youthful energy at the conference! And of course we can't do without the prizes~

With the arrival of the new year in 2018, I believe that Cloud Spinning City will usher in a whole new phase of development.Fully operational promotion, continuous in-depth development, continuous optimization of the product ------ We will face the competition of our environment and the demands of development, and our learning, competition and striving will become the main theme of our survival.

In the new year, Cloud Textile City will overcome the bottlenecks and difficulties of B2B enterprise textile service platform and face the future with passion.

In 2018, we will hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Make Cloudspinner more valuable to customers and the platform can be taken to the next level!


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