Instagram's new focus tool brings portrait mode to most iPhones and Androids

Instagram has introduced a dedicated portrait mode in its app, called Focus, which allows users to take portraits even on phones that don't have their own portrait settings.

To use Focus, open your Instagram Story and swipe to the option below the "Record" button - it will be located next to "Superzoom". When you do this, the camera will automatically focus on someone while blurring the background.

According to Instagram, this will work for all generations of iPhones from the 6S to the X, as well as Android devices. Among Apple devices, only the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X have official portrait mode.

This means Instagram will likely use an AI-based system for depth sensing - which is how the Pixel camera has implemented portrait mode on the selfie shooter (or when ported to other devices). Doing so has its own portrait mode for the phone, and Instagram doesn't specify whether it uses AI or a combination of technologies. We've reached out to Instagram for more information.

In addition to Focus, Instagram has also introduced a feature mentioned by users on iOS that allows users to tag their friends by placing stickers on their pictures and tagging them. Although it's been a while since IG mentioned this in writing, this looks interesting as hell. Of course, if this feature sounds familiar to you, it's because Snapchat launched a similar feature last week. Some things never change.

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