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Intelligent and dynamic transport to make logistics operations easy!

Global logistics has seen new changes in recent years, with mobile connectivity and big data becoming the core engines driving the new changes. Today's Chinese logistics, after years of accumulation and precipitation, has gone from extremely fragmented to increasingly systematic and professional; from fully manual to gradually improved informationization, and also last year ushered in a high moment that can represent this industry. Many traditional logistics companies are also actively seeking changes, and the integration of Internet technology and the logistics industry is going deeper.

In this process, logistics information technology is also moving from traditional software to Internet-based, from logistics information technology 1.0 into the 2.0 era. 2.The most notable features of the 0 era are cloud services, connectivity, and intelligence.The process of gradually deepening logistics informatization is the process of connecting each node into a network, the process of electronic and structured data, and the process of laying the foundation for the era of big data in logistics in all aspects.

The increasing complexity of today's business, growing cost pressures and rising expectations of customer satisfaction have forced companies to take advantage of new technologies. However, in the past, when it was easy to achieve rapid growth, efficiency was not really valued, and it was still in a simple static transportation state of low frequency and large volume. However, nowadays, consumers are dominant, and the dynamic transportation state of high frequency, small volume, fragmentation and diversification has led us to look for an effective transportation method, i.e. Internet, intelligence and big data to serve and operate this new logistics trend; the Yunbaba cloud platform provides services for various distribution-related business types (such as super store distribution, warehouse and distribution integrated express transportation, park special line transmission, etc.) through the "SaaS + AI data + APP" mode, based on the whole process management of orders, with intelligent distribution and order tracking as the functional highlights, assisting transportation teams to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and helping enterprises to make better business decisions.


The Yunbaba cloud platform links the whole process of logistics and transportation together efficiently, realizing digital and intelligent processing of the whole process from placing orders, dispatching, issuing orders, returning orders and settlement, realizing cargo transportation routing planning, and comprehensively improving transportation management efficiency.


The background of the new logistics industry, high-frequency, short-haul effect of the order characteristics, only fast transportation to meet the consumer demand, consumer desire, whether it is intelligent sub-order / scheduling, or intelligent path optimization, the demand has become increasingly strong, intelligent system-driven distribution model, will certainly bring twice the result with half the effort.

The cloud platform uses big data algorithms to achieve intelligent tracking of goods and vehicles - automatically collecting and reporting various states in vehicle transportation by querying them, and intelligently aggregating and warning to help customers improve the timeliness of cargo delivery.

- AI Big Data

The cloud platform collects cloud-based big data, data storage, and data analysis to truly visualize management.

The data analysis allows for a quick response to the entire process of dispatching a vehicle to transport close by and turn on the transport first time.

With the support of data, the transportation system is improved to meet the FIFO principle and ensure the timeliness, correctness and speed of transportation. Whereas there is a high cost and inefficiency in the processing of this principle by the artificial brain, the cloud platform can achieve millions of orders per second.

The Yunbaba Cloud Platform creates an information-based intelligent and dynamic logistics network to drive the new logistics model forward through the Internet, intelligence and big data computing.

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