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Intelligent robots can be divided into which categories by function?

A Robot is a machine device that performs work automatically. It can either accept human command, run pre-programmed programs, or act on a platform of principles developed with AI technology. It is tasked with jobs that assist or replace human work, such as production, construction, or dangerous jobs. Robot classification: 1. Operative robot: capable of automatic control, reproducible programming, multifunctional, with several degrees of freedom, fixed or in motion, used in related automation systems. 2. Program-controlled robot: control the mechanical actions of the robot in sequence according to the pre-required sequence and conditions. 3、Teaching and reproducing robot: Through guidance or other means, the robot is first taught to move and input the work program, and then the robot automatically repeats the work. 4. CNC type robot: It is not necessary to make the robot move, and the robot is taught by numerical values, language, etc. The robot operates according to the information after the teaching. 5. Sensory-controlled robots: the information obtained by sensors is used to control the movements of the robot. 6. Adaptation-controlled robots: robots can adapt to changes in their environment and control their own actions. 7. Learning-controlled robot: the robot can experience the experience of working, has some learning function, and uses the learned experience in the work. 8. Intelligent robot: a robot whose actions are determined by artificial intelligence. The traditional classification of intelligent robot architectures can no longer distinguish exactly between the new types of architectures that have emerged. A definition of intelligent robot architecture is given and a new classification method is proposed. Seven typical architectures are summarized according to the spatio-temporal distribution patterns of intelligence, behavior, information and control of intelligent robot systems along the time trail of architecture development: hierarchical progressive structure, inclusive structure, three-layer structure, self-organizing structure, distributed structure, evolutionary control structure and social robot structure, and the characteristics of each type of architecture are analyzed. The given classification basis can portray the characteristics of intelligent robot architecture in a more comprehensive and detailed way, so as to clearly define various types of architecture, which can help the analysis and design of intelligent robot architecture.

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