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Intern Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Engineer at QiYi Century

[Job Description].

Assist researchers in applying advanced statistical modeling, machine learning, and deep learning methods to build data models to solve real-world problems, such as speech recognition, TTS, voice change, voice painting, voice recognition, face recognition, behavior recognition, and graphical understanding


1. Second year of Master's degree in a computer and mathematics related field.

2. Familiarity with machine learning, deep learning common algorithms; experience in image, audio type and other related AI projects or scientific research.

3. Good engineering skills and proficiency in at least one language such as C/C++, Python, Matlab, etc. Familiarity with at least one mainstream framework such as Caffe/Tensorflow/Torch/Mxnet.

4. Experience with model architecture design, training tuning and compression optimization.

5. An active mind, able to learn new knowledge quickly and passionate about algorithm development and optimization.

6. Experience in H5 or mobile development preferred.


January 16, 2019

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