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"Internet +" gives rise to industry cloud development

[IT168 Cloud Computing] With the large-scale landing of cloud computing services, the demand for cloud services from enterprise-level users has diversified development trend. Cut from the perspective of the underlying architecture, public, private and hybrid clouds all play an important role in the user's infrastructure layer, and for the customized needs of industry users, closer to the user's application needs of the industry cloud call is gradually rising, into the development opportunities.

On March 29, the annual China Communications Industry Cloud Computing Summit was held in Beijing. The 2016 China Communications Industry Cloud Computing Summit, with the theme "New Normal Cloud Power", is entering its seventh year, guided by the Department of Information and Communication Development of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and organized by People's Post and Telecom News Agency and China Information Industry Network. Focusing on hot topics such as the development of cloud computing and big data, the application of SDN/NFV in cloud computing, open source and OpenStack in China's communications industry, cloud computing and open data center development, and changes in cloud computing-related business licensing policies.

Macro policy industry cloud ushers in a new period of development opportunities

As it is an industry summit, this conference is supported by China Academy of Information and Communication, China Communications Society, China Communications Standardization Association, Data Center Alliance, ODCC Open Data Center Committee, Cloud Computing Open Source Industry Alliance, China Cloud System Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance, etc. Chen Jiachun, Deputy Director General of Information and Communication Development Department of MIIT, Zhang Xinsheng, Vice President and Secretary General of China Communications Society, Wu Locking, Editor-in-Chief of People's Post and Telecommunications Daily, and other relevant leaders and guests attended the conference and made speeches.

▲ Chen Jiachun, Deputy Director General, Department of Information and Communication Development, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Chen Jiachun pointed out in his speech that since last year, China has introduced a series of policies and measures to promote the development of cloud computing, from the Opinions on Promoting Innovation and Development of Cloud Computing and Fostering New Industry Patterns in Information Industry issued by the State Council early last year, to the "Big Data Action Plan", "Made in China 2025" and "Internet+ Action Plan" released afterwards, all of which take cloud computing as a priority development direction. For the future development of the cloud computing industry, Chen Jiachun gave several suggestions.

First, grasp the important opportunity of the "Internet+" strategy and further strengthen the industrial foundation. Through the deepening integration with the "Internet+" strategy, cloud computing has become the foundation platform for "dual innovation" and an important force to drive China's sustained and stable economic growth. The communications industry should seize the current "Internet+" development opportunities, continue to carry out technical business and business model innovation, and provide the best solutions to win the recognition of the market and users.

Secondly, to enhance the network infrastructure capacity to support the development and application of cloud computing industry. Cloud services have entered the stage of large-scale application development, which has put forward new requirements for the network, and the communications industry should gradually improve broadband network infrastructure according to the development needs of cloud computing and realize the synergistic development of cloud computing and network infrastructure.

Thirdly, we will increase our efforts to promote the continued deepening of the application of cloud computing services. At present, cloud services are gradually penetrating into many key industries and fields, and the "hybrid cloud", which combines the advantages of "public cloud" and "private cloud", has become an important direction for the development of cloud service mode. Operators should also combine their strengths and promote them in a wider range and area in the future.

The first time I saw it, I was able to get it.

Wu Locking said that this year is the start of China's "13th Five-Year Plan", is also the "big data strategy" and "cloud computing innovation and development of major projects" the start of the year, cloud computing development is at an important moment. Looking ahead to the 13th Five-Year Plan, the driving force behind the development of cloud computing is even stronger: on the one hand, with the launch of the "Internet+ Action Plan" and the rapid development of streaming media demand, the demand for cloud computing applications not only continues to grow, but also continues to upgrade; On the other hand, the government's drive for cloud computing innovation and development has further increased, and the high level planning for the development of cloud computing and big data in China has laid out an exciting canvas and blueprint.

Big data applications will be an industry hotspot in 2016

According to a survey by the China Academy of Information and Communication Research, in 2015, the market size of China's public cloud services exceeded 10 billion yuan, of which the total revenue of the IaaS market exceeded 4 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of more than 60%, and the development of the cloud computing industry has formed a good momentum, which also formed a certain scale of support for the landing of big data.

With the advent of the mobile Internet era, the world has entered the era of the big data explosion. Faced with the proliferation of massive data, how to effectively collect, process and analyze the output has become a new round of technical problems and challenges facing enterprises today.

In this year's national "two sessions" released in the government work report, clearly put forward the "thirteenth five-year plan" period to accelerate the promotion of big data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things widely used instructions. The policy direction has energized the development of big data on the ground.

The speakers during this conference were hopeful about the future of big data in 2016. Meanwhile, for big data technology and applications, data collection and processing, trends in open source software and other related content also became the highlights of the conference guest speakers. How to combine industry needs to create an industry cloud platform that integrates big data has become a challenge for cloud vendors today.

Based on the gradual promotion of the "Internet+" policy, new applications, new business models and new modes are emerging in the industry. Key industry sectors such as mobile Internet, smart cities and industry are gradually becoming important markets for cloud computing, and the demand market for cloud applications in vertical industries is gradually heating up. Industry cloud providers should think more about how to seize the current development opportunities, continue to carry out technology business and business model innovation, and provide the best solutions to win the market and user recognition.

A number of outstanding solutions in the industry were also commended at the meeting, with a total of 17 outstanding solutions from 16 units receiving awards. The following are the winners.

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