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"Internet +" to help the transformation and upgrading of new energy and environmental protection industry

With the development of the global economy, environmental problems and conventional energy depletion are becoming more and more prominent, and in order to promote sustainable socio-economic development for environmental protection, new energy and environmental protection are receiving more and more attention from countries around the world. Thus, environmentally friendly energy is the ultimate energy option for environmental protection and for meeting the needs of sustainable development of human society.

China's environmental energy development faces major pressures and challenges on various fronts. Green and low-carbon development has become the world's new development concept and growth model, which must be actively adapted and actively responded to. The task of transforming the mode of energy development and adjusting the energy structure is a heavy one. China's energy sources are dominated by coal, the resource and environmental constraints on energy development are strengthened, and the pressure on energy conservation and emission reduction has increased. Energy diversification, cleanliness and efficiency face many new problems.

The Internet ++ is very hot now, big data and underground resources, as well as become a rich mine of energy companies to "dig gold". Whoever has the ability to tap and analyze the business opportunities embedded in big data, gain insight into changes in customer demand, and establish market trading and risk-aversion capabilities based on big data analysis will maintain a dominant position in industry competition. The decentralized, open and shared nature of the Internet effectively solves the industry's pain points of long traditional energy industry chain and unequal information. The energy industry participates in enterprises to bear high personnel costs, logistics costs and communication costs, many values are wasted in unnecessary resource consumption, can only be paid by consumers, "Internet + energy" model, effectively break this situation.

He believes that the Internet, big data, cloud computing as the representative of the "Internet +" will overturn the future of traditional industries and become an important engine for future social and economic development.

With the help of "new energy and environmental protection", companies can help develop better products according to market changes. With the deep integration of environmental protection and new energy industry and the Internet, it will force enterprises to make timely adjustments according to market changes, thus promoting the industry to achieve transformation and upgrading.

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