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Internet Security Agent Alliance Practice Group" Student Internet Security Survey

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Internet Security Agents Alliance is a research team that conducts cybersecurity surveys in various areas of Hangzhou.

Today the internet has become a platform for people to work, study, make friends and shop. The internet has become popular in the society. However, the importance of network information security and the seriousness of the danger of network security incidents cannot be ignored more and more.

On July 9, 2018, the summer social practice team of School of Computer and Information Engineering of Zhejiang University of Technology and Business, "Internet Security Agent Alliance" will carry out "Internet Security Survey and Publicity" in our university.

Early in the morning, the Internet Security Agents Alliance team members continued to work in pairs to conduct research on students' cybersecurity awareness in various parts of the University of Commerce and Industry. The team handed out questionnaires and asked students for information while they were there. Most of the students were taking advantage of the early days to study or catch up on their internships, and although they were busy, they were willing to stop their rush to assist us with a questionnaire. Through communication with the students, the team members learned that most of them had experienced online scams, and some of them had even been cheated out of more than $1,000, which reflected the necessity and effectiveness of this activity of our "Internet Safety Agents Alliance".

Although the team targeted college students today, they also met some residents from the surrounding area who were up early to exercise at school and were particularly enthusiastic to cooperate with our research after the team introduced themselves and their business. One grandfather was particularly attentive, even thinking of questions not included on our questionnaire.

After a morning of hard work, the students finally finished their research work in the campus of ZJU. Although the sun was particularly hot at noon, the students' attitude towards the research work remained enthusiastic.


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