Internet medical health service series standards passed Ningbo local standards review

A series of local standards for Internet medical services health drafted by Ningbo Health Information Center recently passed an expert review. It is reported that on November 24, Ningbo City Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision organized relevant experts, in accordance with the "Local Standards Management Measures of Zhejiang Province", "Zhejiang Province, the city set up district local standards management interim measures" and other requirements, the City Health Information Center drafted the Internet health service specifications Part 1: guidelines; Part 2: Internet clinic; Part 3: Internet collaborative clinic; Part 4: Internet home care and service platform functions and technical specifications and other five local standards for expert review.

Director Sun Xiangdong chaired the meeting

At the review meeting, experts listened carefully to the preparation of the series of standards introduced by the standard drafting team, and carefully reviewed the draft of the standards for review, and made comments and suggestions for revision. Through the review, experts believe that: the Internet medical health service series of local standards fill the gap of China's Internet medical health standards, and have reference significance for the development of related standards around the country; the series of standards have comprehensive content, reasonable structure, scientific indicators and strong operability, and have a standardized guidance role for the city to carry out Internet medical health services, and unanimously agreed to pass the review. It is also hoped that the standard preparation team will revise and improve it based on the review comments.

The preparation of this series of local standards is to implement the national "Internet+ Action Plan", continuously guide and regulate the development of Internet medical and health services, promote service innovation and services for the convenience of the people, and meet the new needs of people's health services in the new era.

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