Interview with Wang Chuan, director of Yinchuan Big Data Service Administration, the story behind leading the construction of the Internet hospital regulatory platform

Since April, there has never been a break in the conversation about Internet + healthcare, with frequent policies and state leadership visits coming one after another.

For example, from May 20 to 22, Sun Chunlan, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, was in Zhejiang to investigate the work done by Wuzhen Internet Hospital in the area of "Internet + medical health". It was stressed that the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, the development of Internet+medical health and social medical work should be promoted in depth to provide quality, efficient and convenient health services for the public.

It is evident that the country is taking the Internet + healthcare seriously. In addition to being concerned about how well the Internet + healthcare is being built, the regulation of it has not been left behind.

More than 10 days ago, Yinchuan City just launched its Internet supervision platform, which provides real-time supervision and control through "automatic verification and warning + manual intervention" for the operation compliance, hospital qualification, doctor information filing, online consultation, triage, prescription, consultation, medical record writing, drug delivery and other core business of the Internet treatment platform.

So how can the Internet regulatory platform enable full process regulation and how does healthcare big data interface? What are the implications for the entire internet+health industry? took an in-depth look, interviewing Wang Chuan, director of the lead agency - Yinchuan Big Data Service Administration, and Liu Chun Yang, deputy general manager of the product department of the regional health information system of Beida Medical Information System, the contractor.

Internet health care consortia require higher regulatory requirements and system management

Since 2017, Ningxia has taken advantage of the "early and pilot" policy of the inland open economy pilot zone, and according to the spirit of the policy, Yinchuan has actively innovated the institutional mechanism and opened the road of exploration of "Internet + medical health".

After 29 Internet medical enterprises have settled in Yinchuan, the total number of doctors registered in Yinchuan through each Internet hospital platform has reached 20,583, with a total of more than 7 million patients served.

The introduction of regulation is imperative in the context of industry clusters as well as industry development requirements. First of all, in order to guarantee that full data regulation can be achieved, all Internet hospitals are required to deploy Internet hospital data services to the Yinchuan Data Center to facilitate the unified implementation of data management.

Wang Chuan told reporters that the construction of the Internet hospital regulatory platform, from the pre-reminder, in the control, after the traceability of the three levels of the Internet hospital for the whole process, all-round and fully automated supervision, to take automatic verification of early warning + manual intervention to control.

The supervisory platform is built in the direction of "whole process, refinement, performance and standardization", fully using information technology to carry out the whole process, all-round, fully automatic online real-time supervision.

This is one of the ways that Yinchuan is creating smart healthcare to serve more citizens. Wang Chuan said that intelligent medicine, not simply a question of information technology, but after the completion of the construction of information technology, and through another part of the quality of medical resources to empower this information platform.

Take the Internet hospital in Yinchuan, not only to provide services and content such as online treatment, but also for the local government to form a new industrial economic cluster. To the first stationed in Yinchuan good doctor online, for example, last year to the Yinchuan government tax amounted to a total of 22 million, which can be seen to drive the development of Yinchuan's industrial economy.

"Both the service and industrial economies need a set of tools for effective regulation. So it is also in response to this need that a series of policies have been formulated and introduced. "Wang Chuan, director of Yinchuan City's big data management service bureau, confessed.

Internet regulatory platform for intelligent real-time supervision

And while the need for regulation of Internet hospitals is strong, it is demanding. This is different from previous regulatory policies, and must address the challenges of regulatory innovation, technology, sectoral cooperation, security, and diversification of business models in many ways.

Since the completion of the collective contract in March last year, the city of Yinchuan began to plan the introduction of the entire regulatory platform in April, and build the regulatory platform together with North University Medical Trust.

From the integration and invocation of "intelligent medical" data platform construction, the planning and construction of five-level medical system to the gathering of "Internet + medical" enterprises and the creation of "Internet + medical" base, Beida Medical Information is deeply involved in every process of Internet medical development in Yinchuan.

According to Liu Chun Yang, relying on its own professional technical capabilities, customer base and the rich medical resources of Beida Medical, under the guidance of the Yinchuan Municipal Government, the Municipal Bureau of Big Data Management Services and the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, Beida Medical Information participated in the design and development of the Yinchuan Internet hospital platform, and jointly created the Yinchuan Internet hospital supervision platform.

In his opinion, the regulation of Internet doctors must be done with the help of information technology and data verification, through intelligent identification of violations and thus the establishment of rules. This is different from the regulation of traditional brick-and-mortar medical facilities, where all consultation services are done on the Internet and are growing extremely rapidly.

A large number of new business models are all controlled through data. How to see the compliance of medical services and the quality of medical services from the data, and effectively prevent irregularities hidden in the business process are the core issues that need to be addressed by regulation.

The current Internet hospitals are large or small and have a wide range of operations. At a stage when the interconnected treatment process is not yet uniform and standardized, the regulatory platform must interface with the business complexity and diversity of all Internet platforms. The regulatory platform must also be able to "evolve" and adapt to changing and new business functions.

In the face of these difficulties, under the leadership of the Big Data Bureau, the technical team of Beihang University Medical Trust, mainly Chunyang Liu, accomplished in these main steps.

The first is to do an in-depth conversation with Internet companies to figure out the business of Internet healthcare companies. The design was updated by capturing key nodes in the system and then incorporating them into the design of the data collection.

The second technically achieves millisecond data collection, so that as soon as the enterprise platform generates data, the regulatory platform can immediately appear data.

Thirdly achieving open data. He found out that the regulatory platform can not regulate some business or data, it must be a problem in the interface between the enterprise and us. Through coordination between the Big Data Bureau and the Health Commission, companies are required to open up the entire process of treatment. Help regulatory platforms to rank business mechanisms.

In terms of security risks, the overall information security of the information system of the Yinchuan Internet Hospital Supervision Platform is designed to address the security risks faced and potential by the information related to the internal business needs of the system, the business information exchanged with external parties, and the service information released to the society.

Combined with the analysis of various types of information that need to be protected, the system's acceptable level of risk is considered comprehensively, security objectives corresponding to the security needs of various types of information systems are formulated, and a security model and information security protection system to achieve the security objectives is established to achieve the best balance of risk, security and investment.

In addition to solving the difficulties, the regulatory platform introduced by Beihang University Medical Trust also has the following highlights, one of which is corresponding to high performance, adopting an automatically scalable microservice architecture, separating data access, verification, processing, analysis and presentation into separate services and organically organizing them together. Automated deployment and dynamic scaling of services through internal performance monitoring mechanisms.

It also enables intelligent regulation. Supervisors can control regulatory items and judgment thresholds to achieve rapid response based on updates to the regulatory approach. Realize real-time, automated, all-around monitoring requirements.

Based on the big data analysis model, it realizes the recombination and definition of medical authenticity, medical behavior, medication rationality, treatment level, medical spending, etc., and sets different thresholds to achieve automated intelligent supervision and early warning such as compliant diagnosis and reasonable medication use.

Regulatory platform helps Internet healthcare move towards standardized and structured treatment

A high-performance, highly concurrent, flexible and scalable data exchange platform to achieve the regulatory platform on line, is not only the Internet medical enterprises "tightening the belt", with a clear Internet regulatory policy introduced to clarify the Internet regulatory red line. The same can be done from the perspective of technology and services to promote the standardization and standardization of the Internet healthcare industry.

Yinchuan big data management service bureau director Wang Chuan introduced to: our promotion of the industry can be said from technology and service, from technology can be from promoting the standardization of Internet online diagnosis and treatment behavior. This is very beneficial to the regulatory platform, to our offline brick-and-mortar hospitals, to our physicians, to our patients, and to the regulators.

The second is to drive the structuring and standardization of our healthcare data. Because this form of online therapy is now complex and varied, including it being voice, some text, and some video. Tencent Forager, for example. A platform for integration like ours is needed.

From the service point of view, Wang Chuan wants to combine this Internet treatment platform with offline hospitals to create a new medical association model, sink high-quality medical resources, empower physical hospitals, improve doctors' diagnosis and treatment levels, and allow the public to get benefits and enjoy the dividends brought by the Internet + medical health.

Wang Chuan believes that the regulation of Internet medical companies needs to be strengthened, but it does not mean that it is a big suppression of Internet companies. Because Internet healthcare it has a distinct feature C-sides are more involved parties.

Therefore, Chunyan Liu hopes that "in the future, regulation will be put on a public platform, so that the public will have the right to know about the platform and give some feedback to it. While enterprise platforms, big data bureaus, and brick-and-mortar hospitals are all regulators, this is incomplete regulation and is only complete when the user, the user, is added to the mix. "

The Yinchuan Health and Family Planning Commission will also further strengthen the management and supervision of services such as telemedicine provided by Internet hospitals and Internet information platforms built by third-party institutions.

In the future, with the continued operation of the Internet hospital regulatory platform, based on the regulatory platform, the big data of the Yinchuan industry cluster and the data generated by intelligent medical care to do relevant industry analysis, will subsequently generate greater commercial value.

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