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Introduction to BCH Bit Cash

Yuzu (abbreviation: EOS) is an ethereum-based token released for the blockchain system, providing accounts, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication, and program scheduling on hundreds of cpus or clusters. EOS is designed to enable performance scaling of distributed applications. The final form of the technology is a blockchain architecture that can support millions of transactions per second, while the average user pays no fees to use it.

EOS tokens are currently Ether-based tokens released by the EOS blockchain infrastructure and have three main application scenarios: bandwidth and log storage (hard disk), compute and compute reserve (CPU), and state storage (RAM). The EOS mainline will convert the ERC20 token EOS to tokens on its main chain when it goes live.

Block mechanism

Algorithms and proofs: the ERC-20 token

Block Reward: Each time a block is generated, EOS rewards the block producer with a new token to cover its O&M costs. The EOS is currently set to limit the rewards received by block producers. The EOS is currently set to cap the rewards given to block producers at a maximum of 5% per year, i.e. the total annual growth in new supply of tokens is not to exceed 5%.


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