Introduction to the TokenPay Ecosystem

TOKENpay Core Platform

First, we own the Tokenpay core platform. These features and benefits are best explained in our white paper and on our website. In essence, however, our platform consists of an anonymous P2P trading system that utilizes TPAY coins as the underlying exchange model. Wallet transfers can be completed in seconds (within 2 seconds) as well as public or private and hard to track TOR network driven blockchains.

Coins can be put in samples by using our desktop wallet and users can earn rewards. This act of decentralization is the driving force behind the decentralized network and the reason the deal was completed so quickly. As of today, thousands of people are using TPAY, and the number is growing every day. We do have the only Android Bitcoin wallet on the market, and that's a good testament. We're also working on an iOS wallet version.

EFIN decentralized switching technology

A few months ago, we started talking to a dedicated team of blockchain developers in Costa Rica. This is necessary for us to provide support for the various applications we are currently developing. That said, in order to drive our multi-signature transaction engine merchant processing platform, a centralized trading mechanism with tight bid-ask spreads is required. To facilitate fast and smooth transactions, TPAY's real-time marketplace is critical. Will eventually support the immediate adoption of TPAY as a payment method.

Considering all the recent hacks and thefts at Coincheck and BitGrail are just a couple, we certainly don't want to go down the same path with a vulnerable centralized asset custody approach. In addition, the current diversification deal seems rather clumsy. So we have developed our own proprietary decentralized switching technology. It is anonymous, uses TOR network privacy, and it is completely secure. Since we never have funds in escrow, there is no difficult registration process. Transactions are automated as much as possible through decentralized trading platforms. Atomic swaps will be supported and the first pair will be TPAY, XVG, BTC and EFIN.

The EFIN token is its own blockchain built using the Infinitesimal protocol (more on this later). A comprehensive white paper and website for the exchange of tokens and related blockchain protocols will be released soon. EFIN is the ideal DEX token, using new blockchain technology to create the possibility of a tamper-proof consolidated audit trail and increased transaction speed. Therefore, transaction costs are insignificant compared to more traditional fees. Thus efficiency is effectively streamlined. The token will be the practical backbone of the exchange platform. TPAY holders will receive a TBA at a later date. Its technology will drive countless TokenPay applications from e-commerce to gaming to banking. It will also feature deep integration of XVG currency.

Collaboration with VERGE

As you know, we contributed 66,500,000 XVGs to the Verge crowdfunding campaign to secure major deals for the coins and cement a lifetime of beneficial partnerships that ultimately benefit both the TPAY and XVG communities. The goal at a high level is to be a top 10 contender in both coins. No one will sleep until that goal is reached. Both of our communities plan to work together with unprecedented harmony in the cryptographic world to advance each other's product goals and development. More information on the partnership will be made public, but the alliance includes TPAY and XVG's co-branded debit card solution as well as several plans for XVG's planned deep integration into the TokenPay platform launch program.

Listed and traded with QRYPTOS

As we build our own exchange, we are pursuing multiple third-party trading integrations. First up is an Asian company called QUOINE. The reasoning for this list has been well documented and summarized in an Ask Me Anything call between our CEO, Derek Capo, and our VP of Exchange Operations, Seth Melamed. Of course, this is only the first of several integrations that will take place in the coming weeks and months. We intentionally began early integration on smaller exchanges as a proof of concept and eliminated the go-to-market process by developing the custom exchange wallets needed for this convergence. TPAY is now listed on CoinMarketCap.

Deutsche Bank cooperates withacquire (a company)

In our12 Months of token sales during, We discussed the possibility ofacquire (a company) Possibilities for the Bank of Vanuatu。 Although we haveLOI, But we ended up taking a different route., and reach agreements with banks in top jurisdictions。 About a week ago., We discussed all the reasons for this move and the fact that Deutsche Bank sought us as a partner and wanted to be the ultimateacquire (a company) Reasons for the party。 This deal is in the final stages。 Draft contract has been circulated。 All major points were agreed。

in this regard, It looks like our parent companyTokenPay Swiss AG will eventuallyacquire (a company) Deutsche Bank's9.9%, and have the right to purchase additional regulatory approval prior to80.1% shareholding。 Deutsche Bank plans to implement immediate closure at theTokenpay blockchain technology, and has taken measures to addressTokenPay harmonyVerge Rapid onboarding of new customers in the community。 This includes the account holder's keyeFin Exchange function。TPAY harmonyXVG Holders will be given priority。 In addition to the account holder's traditional debit card, There are also plans to create prepaid gift card stores with private label encrypted cards。

We have recently been approached by a second bank in another strong European jurisdiction with a potential minority stake and partnership. The talks have been launched, and we are optimistic about a positive outcome. Our mission is to get into as many strong financial deals as possible. Banking is a key element of our business plan and we are always looking to do similar deals with different institutions. We feel we can replicate our model in multiple jurisdictions. In most places, the banking license replaces all other electronic money or financial licenses. This is the Holy Grail of international business, and we are uniquely positioned to seize this opportunity.

TokenPay CEO Derek Capo and key Deutsche Bank stakeholders at breakfast

E-commerce solutions, TOKENESCROW and Austrian retail

Our Romanian development team, led by Vlad Turtoi, is developing the TokenPay suite of commercial tools product. This includes the e-commerce platform, which is designed as an encrypted payment processing API and platform, similar to PayPal, but with privacy as a core objective. The first crypto integration includes TPAY, XVG and BTC and related pairings that leverage our proprietary exchange technology to provide merchants with cash to spend. The biggest selling points are instant transaction approval, low to zero fees for most merchants, anonymous and secure processing, and no refunds.

TokenPay Romania development team with CEO Derek Capo

Another important project that our Romanian team is developing is calledTokenEscrow。 This is a project that is not in our white paper roadmap, But we think it's an unmet need。 As a company that uses cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin almost exclusively for trading, We request traditional hosting services on an almost daily basis。 Whether we are buying key areas for the company oracquire (a company) A company or product, It all needs to be done.。

TokenEscrow works like any other hosted service, but with encryption and a licensed and trusted intermediary. Accordingly, we have entered into an agreement with a Swiss financial institution that will provide legal exchange services and conduct escrow transactions through our platform. This gives us a unique competitive advantage in the marketplace in that we can not only perform crypto-hosted transactions, but also encrypt them. Authorized partners will work with TokenEscrow to facilitate transactions across multiple jurisdictions using our cryptographically secure storage and exchange technology platform and financial network.

On the e-commerce front, we are about to sign a major agreement with an Austrian company with 1,500 tobacco shops in Europe. The company is interested in integrating anonymous TPAY credentials and payment systems into its stores. When completed, the deal will provide great exposure and proof of concept for TokenPay's retailer platform. This is the first of many deals we expect to sign with leading retailers in Europe and Asia, and our commercial activity is focused on these deals.

TokenPay CEO Derek Capo Meets with TopTech & E-Loading Service GMBH Executives in Zurich

acquire (a company)


We recentlyacquire (a company) A well-known Latin American gaming software company。 This is a company with several strategic assetsB2B Platform Development Company。 These includeCuracao Licences andMicrogaming of the main distributor agreement, This is very difficult to obtain。 We believe that, The betting business is a very important use case for our blockchain product, The most noteworthy thing is thatTPAY。 Secure and private transactions are vital for gaming platforms and their customers。 weacquire (a company) finish60% of this company also has its own unique blockchain protocol, We hope to use the Protocol in its medium term。 It has also almost completed the development of an encrypted payment platform designed specifically for the gaming industry。

We are currently working to reshape this company intoTokenGaming。 We're also pursuing different licenses, Such as Malta, which covers all of Europe and Colombia, Operations with a focus on Latin America, We have many competitive advantages。 This is another one that will come from oureFin benefit from the development of switching technologiesTokenPay application。 Especially in regulated markets, Encryption conversion to legal code is necessary。 We plan to launch several game products soon, Includes poker, Financial Spread Betting, Casino Games, E-gaming and sports betting。 We have been working fromacquire (a company) The team obtained in the middle consists mainly of blockchain developers from Colombia and Venezuela。 therefore, Given that we now have affordable skilled talent in this industry and start acting now, We see this as aacquire (a company)。

Bogota's TokenGaming team at our booth at the recent FADJA show

WEBCAM model and payment solutions for affiliates

One of the key businesses we are working on with our debit card banking platform is the creation of a network of payment solutions. This is for the webcam models and the branches that promote these sites. It's no secret that models want to get paid daily and in cash. Most people want to stay out of the limelight too. Privacy and true anonymity are key elements of this business. No one takes better advantage of market opportunities than we do. The division is called TokenCams and has a very clear goal. Payment card solutions for models and affiliates of adult webcam sites. We have met with several of the major players in this industry in both Japan and Latin America. Everyone we are talking about is interested in this solution and the integration of security and private TPAY merchant processing for each site. The demand for this service is high and we aim to fill it as soon as possible.

Meeting in Tokyo with the region's premier adult webcam site operator

Hello, for any question inquiry or cooperation, long press the QR code below to contact!

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