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IoT is the most valuable application scenario for IoT

Introduction. Anyone who has been victimized by traffic jams, who is sick of tailpipe pollution, who is not annoyed by information leaks, who wants to see litter pervade, and who is willing to have resources taken over. However, what can we do in the face of the many serious problems in transport?

Great circulation, the ultimate solution to our problems. In the future, cities will never have traffic jams, tailpipe pollution will no longer exist, courier boxes will be infinitely recyclable, we will no longer need to leave our names, addresses and phone numbers to receive and send express mail, we can also conveniently send, pick up and deposit items through the storage lockers, full automation will also become the norm for logistics and express delivery, and both transportation and logistics will be efficient and smooth.

How does great circulation happen? What shape will it take? Please follow this number to explore the future.

Big Circulation Issue 28 - Telematics is Internet of Things (IoT) The most valuable application scenarios

There is a huge application space for connected cars

Our motor vehicle fleet is huge and continues to grow. In 2017, the country's motor vehicle fleet reached 310 million units, up 5.1 percent year-on-year. Of these, the number of vehicles reached 217 million (new energy vehicles reached 1.530 million). Automobiles have come to dominate motor vehicles in the country, with their composition by fuel type accounting for 89.0 per cent of gasoline vehicles, 9.4 per cent of diesel vehicles and 1.6 per cent of gas vehicles.

The application of Telematics includes technology research, hardware manufacturing and software development, etc. The large number of car ownership will provide a huge application space for Telematics. At the same time, Telematics will certainly give rise to numerous related applications and eventually form a huge Telematics industrial ecosystem.

Telematics is a necessary requirement for solving transportation problems

Currently, the negative impact of vehicles and traffic on human society has reached such a serious level that we have to seek solutions. As things stand now, smart transport through the application of modern information technology, combined with institutional and modal innovation, is the only viable solution. One of the foundational conditions for smart transportation is connected vehicles.

At the same time, vehicle intelligence and autonomous driving are the inevitable direction of transportation development. To realize autonomous driving, we must first realize vehicle intelligence, and the Internet of Vehicles will certainly become an important aid and support for autonomous driving. The development of vehicle intelligence and autonomous driving is bound to promote and drive the development of connected vehicles.

Telematics will have huge economic and social benefits

As the number of cars grows, fuel consumption also increases every year. From 2010-2017, national gasoline consumption increased from 71.75 million tons to 121.780 million tons, with an average annual growth rate of 7.9%, and diesel consumption increased from 156.226 million tons to 166.040 million tons, with an average annual growth rate of 0.9%. If gasoline and diesel are estimated at an average of $8,000 per ton, the annual fuel cost is $2.3 trillion. According to statistics, the total cost of social logistics in China was 12.1 trillion yuan in 2017, of which 6.6 trillion yuan was spent on transportation.

The Annual Report on the Environmental Management of Motor Vehicles in China (2018) (hereinafter referred to as the Annual Report) released by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment in May this year shows that motor vehicle pollution has become an important source of air pollution in China and an important cause of ambient air pollution, and the urgency of motor vehicle pollution prevention and control is increasingly prominent. In 2017, the total national emissions of four pollutants from motor vehicles were initially accounted for at 43,597,000 tons. Of these, 33.273 million tons of carbon monoxide (CO), 4.071 million tons of hydrocarbons (HC), 5.743 million tons of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and 509,000 tons of particulate matter (PM). Automobiles are the major contributor to motor vehicle air pollution emissions, emitting over 80% of CO and HC and over 90% of NOx and PM.

For the society as a whole, the application of Telematics will be able to effectively reduce the cost of transportation and logistics, reduce pollutant emissions, reduce the pollution caused by automobiles to the environment, save huge costs in general, and generate huge economic and social benefits.

through (a gap) Internet of Things (IoT) In terms of the many application areas, IoT is currently the most needed and effective IoT application for society, and it will be the most valuable application scenario for IoT.

The Grand Circulation is a systematic program that has a wide range of implications and more content, and this number will publish the Grand Circulation program in stages. Readers who are interested can follow this number and check back for previous releases, or feel free to follow along.

Big Circulation is about solving problems through fresh thinking and creative solutions. If you like to think deeply, love to explore the future, or have a career in vehicle design and manufacturing, connected vehicles, logistics packing boxes, smart storage cabinets, smart warehousing, ground-based near-field positioning, dynamic local area networks, big data, supercomputing, etc., it's right up your alley. Big Circulation is our common future, so let's take an insightful journey into it!

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