Is Oceanis dabbling in blockchain to mine symbiotic coins for mining or users?

In Playlist news, Maxthon Browser has recently launched a mining plugin that claims that you can get Symbiosis LVT by using the browser normally. Yes, you read that right, Oceanis can mine too. Since then, the cryptocurrency community (that rubs off on blockchain fever) has added another master.

If we talk about browser mining, in fact, Oceanic is not considered the first to eat crabs, there are early reports on the Internet about a foreign browser will - Brave to introduce a blockchain-based token system and economic incentive mechanism, to achieve the disintermediation of the intermediate links, to achieve efficient and accurate advertising dissemination, and thus increase revenue for content producers, users will also get better access speed and better privacy and security protection. But for now so many browsers in the country are also Oceanic rubbing up against the blockchain, which makes the playtesters have to pay attention to it.

In fact, for the Oceanis browser, the player is quite early to come into contact with it. Only later came out a variety of other browsers, like the old and new to play with the gentleman abandoned Oceanic, but now re-downloaded and installed on a look, almost or the original recipe, or the original taste! Oceanic was still a pretty high download back in the day, which is a good indication of its popularity at the time.

The so-called Oceanic Browser mining is the Symbiosis Coin (LVT), a digital token issued by the Symbiosis Chain, which is a medium to solve the value realization of users. Symbiotic coins are distributed through Internet applications, where the user's actions and time in using the Internet generate quantified value. Symbiotic Coin is based on blockchain technology, and all data point transactions are recorded by the blockchain to achieve justice, openness and transparency in the economic ecology. The process from the registration of the symbiotic coin, in fact, more like a pulling activity, because the symbiotic coin registration must need an invitation code to register, the playmaker at the time of registration is also to go online search, randomly find an invitation code to register successfully, the invitation code only involves the invitee to invite a successful invitation more than a lottery opportunity, there is no other use, so this is why the playmaker said it is more like a pulling activity, of course, the need to invite the code can also contact the playmaker.

So to summarize a few issues.

1、How do I get Symbiosis Coins?

The prerequisite is to make sure you use Oceanis, and then a brief comment, that is to go crazy and hate to use Oceanis 24 hours a day with high frequency on the line.

2. Can I open multiple browsers on one computer to log in to different Symbiotic Coin accounts?

Obviously, this is possible, but it doesn't do much good. Because it is based on the one that generates the most symbiotic coins, the rest don't count. It also includes the fact that you use many computers, each logged into the same account, which doesn't do much good, and still counts as the highest one.

3. Is it true that an account can only be logged into one place?

This to is not limited, according to the playtesters, you can login in multiple places such as computer, android phone, ipad, etc., and can achieve overlay, in other words, multi-platform use mining browser. This is a total dig at other browsers

4、If I just open the browser and do nothing, is there any benefit?

According to official sources, if the browser is simply left on, and not used frequently, then nothing is left, and the soup is probably not even given. Hey, originally the player was going to put it directly on top of the server, and then it would be guaranteed to be online 24 hours a day, but it seems to have missed the mark, can't do that. And it's said that using keystroke wizard can be blocked. I can't minimize the browser either, including on mobile, so what's the point of having it, I can't just wander around with my phone and use the browser to surf the web.

From what Players have already learned so far, Oceanic Browser's Symbiotic Coin system has neither distributed blockchain information, local public-private key information, steps to calculate hash values, nor difficulty factor control. All blockchain and virtual currency features are absent, the issuance of symbiotic coins is centralized, meaning it's not up to the algorithm to say how much it's willing to distribute! So in fact, in general, Oceanis is more like digging for users with other browsers and fighting for user numbers.

But it does not matter, who let it does not cost it, install a first to play and say, in case there are gains in the future, you are also a step earlier than others to start, in case there is nothing in the future, for you just change a browser, which is equivalent to Oceanic from other browsers to poach a part of the customers. Personal opinion, blockchain should be hotter in 2018, so for something new, especially if it rubs off on blockchain, the playtesters will still be there to learn about it.

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