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Is it necessary for colleges to build a desktop a cloud?

Cloud computing technology is developing at a high speed, from a lofty technology landing to us, just like the water and electricity we use everyday, just connect to the network, users can experience the services of cloud computing. There are various types of cloud services for different scenarios and different users. Desktop cloud is a typical cloud service that replaces traditional PC and brings more convenience to users.

In recent years, many universities have begun piloting desktop clouds, introducing them in areas such as teaching rooms and faculty offices. These attempts have achieved very significant results in replacing traditional PCs, drastically reducing the difficulty and labor costs of management and maintenance, and giving teachers and students an unparalleled smooth desktop experience, especially inside the teaching room, which is widely recognized for its performance.

However, most of the desktop virtualization technology has bottlenecks, high requirements for network bandwidth and stability, in order to achieve a good experience effect can only be scattered desktop cloud into multiple independent parts, for example, many universities will be in each teaching room separately with a few servers bearing, can only run in the internal LAN, can not be accessed in a complex network environment, can not really reflect the advantages of the cloud.

To truly leverage the benefits of desktop clouds, you must build a desktop cloud, one that simultaneously contains different usage scenarios for colleges and universities and is accessible in any network situation.

We analyze the need to build a desktop cloud at different levels.

Analysis from the student's perspective

As the largest number of user groups, desktop cloud for students is a tool to assist learning, a cloud can be flexible to coordinate all desktop resources, no longer limited to the teaching room, as long as connected to the network, whether in the classroom, library, dormitory, or students at home, with the desktop cloud for learning, so that learning becomes more flexible and convenient.

Analysis from the teacher's perspective

Teachers use desktop clouds mainly for lesson preparation as well as teaching. An on-the-go desktop facilitates both lesson preparation and teaching, and only a cloud can provide this, synchronizing teaching resources to the cloud at any time, and accessing the cloud's teaching resources and environment for teaching, no matter which classroom they are in.

Analysis from the administrator's perspective

Managing multiple desktop clouds at the same time increases the management workload on the one hand, and makes it impossible to schedule resources between different desktop clouds on the other. The one-cloud model reduces management workload while making it easier for administrators to coordinate and schedule all desktop resources, allowing for fuller utilization of resources.

Analysis from a holistic construction perspective

A cloud is hosted by a cloud data center, and a unified resource pool guarantees high availability, allowing hardware resources to serve different application scenarios more flexibly. A cloud is highly compatible with hardware and can be added to cloud resources as long as it supports virtualization technology, which also paves the way for future expansion.

In summary, the only way to truly make the desktop available to all users as a cloud service is to build a cloud that allows students to learn anytime, anywhere, teachers to teach conveniently, administrators to manage easily, and schools to use their resources more fully.

Xuan Yuan Huijie Intelligent Teaching Cloud, the underlying layer uses the world's leading Citrix HDX virtual desktop transmission protocol, which has low bandwidth requirements and low resource consumption, and can provide a good desktop experience even with a low rate and unstable latency network, especially suitable for large-scale multi-scene desktop cloud deployment, laying a solid foundation for the construction of a cloud of desktops. Then custom development for different application scenarios such as teaching, experiment, office, etc. provides a good desktop cloud service experience for different users such as students, teachers and administrators.

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