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Is it safe to have a truck without a cockpit that will soon dominate the highway?

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Older drivers in Sweden are soon going to become geeks, this is a prophecy from the year 2020 as Swedish transport companies design trucks that simply delete the cockpit and you will see trucks without heads running wild on the highway, seriously, are you scared?

The T-pod eliminates the possibility of human driving; it has no seats, no windows, and looks like a big white box with wheels. As a driverless electric truck, it can carry 15 pallets of cargo for 200 km and is zero-emission.

What a concept, as it is driverless, the car can then be 24 hours a day, plus the design of charging along the line, then the car can keep moving, also makes the cargo transportation capacity is greatly increased, rough calculation, can provide 2 million times a year in the T-pod network cargo transportation capacity, equivalent to 400,000 times the CO2 emissions produced by traditional fuel cars, definitely quite environmentally friendly.

In addition to being able to drive unmanned, it can also be driven by remote control. The T-pod can drive itself on the highway, while a remote operator can intervene at any time. That's a relief, I was deeply worried about the old Swedish drivers, not being able to drive on the road, so it seems that it's still possible to strive to be an equipment controller, so you don't have to stay at home!

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