Is the latest EOS Candy LabLedger real?

latestEOS sweetsLab Ledger Is it true??

yesterdayBean The great gods are in《【 creativity】 How to getEOS Candy first-hand news & DAWN 4.1 issue》, Two things were mentioned that I was concerned about: One is the latestEOS sweets, One is to getEOS Sources of candy information, Please see the following pictures for more details:

In the spirit of loving wisdom and seeking truth, I decided to go to Lab Ledger's official website,, to confirm the exact information of the airdrop to ensure that the information is accurate and reliable.

When you open the website, the two most important pieces of information for everyone are marked on the most prominent part of the home page: the white paper and the airdrop details (Airdrop).

A screenshot of the details of the airdrop is as follows.

The main points of this EOS airdrop are as follows.

Number of air drops: Total number of tokens12 100 million, air drop10 100 million

Snapshot time: 2018-05-21

Air drop time:2019-06-21( How strange., One year later?)

4.Airdrop ratio: 1:1 airdrop by EOS position。

After reading this note, Overall the information is quite comprehensive, But I have two doubts.:

No indication of the exact time of the snapshot, It only says that in5 month21 sun;

According to the official website, the airdrop is a year away? So strange that it takes so long, seems like this team is quite patient ^_^

To solve the mystery in my mind, I decided to take a look at the project's telegraph group, Lab Ledger's official telegraph group:

As luck would have it, a Korean friend in the telegram group asked the question I wanted to ask.

After a Korean friend inquired about the exact time of the snapshot, an enthusiastic man named David Gonzalez gave the exact time of the EOS snapshot: 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time.

2 more questions popped up for me.

① this oneDavid Gonzalez Who is it??

②What time is 11:59 PM EDT corresponding to Beijing time?

After searching online, I finally confirmed the answer to both questions。

You can find it on the official website,David Gonzalez Is a co-founder of the project, His word should be trusted.。 Although the subscriber's avatar and name on the telegram can be forged, however, due toDavid Gonzalez It's not likeBM、V Famous people like God, Others to impersonateDavid Gonzalez is less likely to be。

How does that convert from EST to BST?? I presume that EST here means US Eastern Time, After searching:

Beijing time is +8 zones, US Eastern time is -5 zones, time zone conversion is east plus west minus, one time zone plus one hour is OK!

BST = US Eastern Time + 13 hours (periods in daylight saving time are plus 12 hours).

The United States is in the same northern hemisphere as China, so it is also summer in the United States and daylight saving time should be enforced. So now there should be a 12 hour difference between the two.

To cross-check, I found another online table of time equivalents for converting EST and BST:.

The conclusions are as follows.

Lab Ledger Snapshot Time: 2018-05-21 11:59 PM ET

Converted to BST as: 2018-05-22 11:59 PM

Again it's May 22nd at 11:59pm BST.

To check the snapshot time, I've been working hard too., From EST、 daylight saving time、 Confirmed in the same northern hemisphere.。

After confirming the snapshot time, I confirmed the airdrop time again., I think it's a mistake on the official website, The co-founder said the airdrop should be timed to2018 year6 month21 sun。 As shown in the figure below:

Well, finally all the questions in my mind have been answered, so let's wrap it up.

Information about the EOS Candy Lab Ledger is as follows.

This EOS candy is real and reliable

Snapshot Time: 2018-05-22 11:59 PM BST

Air drop time:2018-06-21

4.Airdrop ratio: 1:1 airdrop by EOS position

hint: Be sure to putEOS (located) at 2018-05-22 midday11:59 Put it in your wallet.。 Nine times out of ten, the exchanges don't support these little candy airdrops。

= END =

Long press to identify the QR code below

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